Does Meagan Good Have a Point?

Photo Credit: Facebook
Photo Credit: Facebook

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The media has been somewhat on a mission to capture every little detail surrounding Lamar Odom’s current medical status, ever since he was rushed to the hospital after being found unconscious in a brothel in Nevada.

Reports claimed the former NBA player allegedly mixed coke and a Viagra type herbal drug together which led to his health scare.

Thankfully Lamar is doing a lot better, and with him now being able to communicate and breathe on his own, it’s very possible he will make a full recovery.

Many have taken to social media to send well wishes Lamar’s way, but some feel like the timing just makes it all kind of sad…including Meagan Good.

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  1. I can’t say she’s not right. But that’s how fame is though. Oftentimes we don’t love and really appreciate people until they die or are close to dying. I mean look how we did Michael, Whitney…I can go on. And this even applies to non celebs as well. It’s not right but it’s life.

  2. I really can’t say they are wrong. Most of us didn’t really think about him much until this happened. Myself included.

  3. Now she’s my boo and all but she is friends with Khloe for crying out loud and this applies to her more than anyone else. Khloe was so busy following James Harden around and setting Lamar up for her reality show but now she wants to be by his side. LOL.

  4. What’s worse? The public full of strangers waiting until Lamar almost dies to give a damn or his ex wife and her family waiting until he almost dies to give a damn (and even now that’s still questionable)? Bye.

  5. Nobody dragged Lamar but the Kardashians though. Even when we first heard about his drug problems, people were on here and everywhere wishing him well. The Kardashians were the ones out here telling TMZ and everyone else he was on crack. They put that narrative out there instead of trying to quietly get him help. Why is it Scott was able to go to rehab quietly and it wasn’t all over the news? Yeah…Anyway, I still love her though.

  6. I agree but I also agree with others on here who have pointed out that this also applies to Khloe and the rest of the Kardashians. In general, we all can do better. You have to care about people while they are still here.

  7. Y’all are a trip. Y’all shut her down real quick. Anyway, I have to agree with her. We do this all the time to people. Even people who aren’t famous. I think we all can do better.

  8. But her a-s was quiet and not tweeting a damn thing when the KarTRASHians were putting out a million stories a day about Lamar’s drug problems. Man what the f-ck ever.

  9. I agree and she’s entitled to her opinion. Lamar didn’t have all these supporters when he was with Khloe though.

  10. Honestly as bad as it might be I don’t think people feel sorry for someone who is or was attached to the Kardashians unless it’s terrible circumstances like it just was.

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