Metta World Peace Defends Lamar Odom’s Kids + Thinks the Kardashians Should Have a Seat

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Lamar Odom has been a fixture in the headlines for the last several days as he recovers from a major scare with drugs, but oftentimes Lamar appears to be the afterthought since so many media outlets have made the situation all about the Kardashians.

Annoyed with the way things are being reported, more and more celebrities are speaking out and giving their opinions on the matter.

And now we can add Metta World Peace to the list.

He seems to feel like the Kardashians should put Lamar’s kids first and stay away from the hospital.

Metta tells LA Daily News:

“This is nothing against Khloe [Kardashian]. This is for the celebrities that are coming to see Lamar. They should know they’re taking time away from Lamar’s children.”

Click next to find out what he thinks about the rest of Khloe’s family hanging around the hospital.

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  1. He speaks only the truth. I heard Lamar’s brother went to see him and couldn’t. He had to get in line behind some other folks. Now that is truly messed up!

  2. He only said what all the sane people have been thinking. But Lamar is a fool if he’s putting those attention whores before his kids.

  3. I mean this was obvious considering the kids have not been mentioned in any of the TMZ, People and E articles which we all know came from Kris Jenner. They don’t care about his kids.

    1. The only time I saw his kids was 9n one of the blogs on IG! It’s shameful that all the other media outlets can talk about is that fking media whoring family!

  4. I agree. This whole situation just proves how disgusting and self absorbed that family is. You reap what you sow though.

  5. Everything is about publicity to the Kardashians but if men are still stupid enough to deal with them and they know that, oh well.

  6. He was still too nice for me. He should have went in and said what he really wanted to say. When did everyone become afraid of the Kardashians?

  7. why everyone thinks they can be a brain for lamar, i dont know. lamar clearly still dont have a brain if this situation aint makin him have a brain…go to the wiz niygga lamar

  8. And the crowd said Amen!!!! But I’m sure Lamar is going to make everyone look stupid and get back together with Khloe like a true simp. *giggles*

  9. There phony they can still be there for him and not be suffocating him like they are doing. Khloven doesn’t gave to he there 24 hours she’s just trying to be selfish she wasn’t around him before like that and now that he can be taken care of by his real family she’s all up in the way acting like she gave birth to the man when she was acting like she was fearful if her life months before and he was a monster she was fleeing. Poor man now surrounded by blood sucking leeches he needs help from them!

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