Blac Chyna is Being Messy

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

It’s been somewhat difficult to keep up with Blac Chyna’s love life since her relationship with Tyga went south, and now she’s being linked to Future.

We told you weeks ago the rumors started after Chyna and Future were photographed getting cozy at a nightclub, and then Chyna was spotted with Future in Atlanta at the BET Hip Hop Awards.

And now Chyna has taken things a step further to fuel the speculation even more.

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  1. Chyna can be as messy as she wants but it doesn’t change the fact that Ciara won. Ciara was partying today with Bey at her birthday party planned by her NFL star boo. She’s getting endorsements from legit big companies, while Chyna has peaked with waist trainer companies. I wanted to root for Chyna but I can’t do it anymore. She’s a real bird and petty as hell about a man she won’t even have in a month. LOL.

      1. Must you be pressed about Beyonce? My GAWD out of all the wins I listed, YOU are genuinely upset about Beyonce. Let that sink in boo.

      2. Girl please you sound so pressed and very stupid. I can’t even believe you even said that “How is partying with Beyonce winning?” *Blank Stare*

        1. LOL. Anyway, I don’t think it can be debated that Ciara is winning and has winners in her circle right now. I’m so glad she left Future alone. Chyna thinks she has a prize because really, it’s not like she’s ever had a good dude before. So her standards are very low.

          1. While Chyna trying to shade Ciara,Brittni has basically let the world know that her and Future still messing around. Grown a-s women fighting over community peen. Meanwhile Ciara is unbothered and moved on with her life. The fact that she left Future and moved on with her life proves she is winning. And partying with Beyonce does help lol 😉

    1. She’s just getting excited because she sees her next target to invest in her womb. She needs more money and I guess her first child isn’t bringing in enough checks as she thought..sad, I never liked her nor her lopsided behind

  2. Now see this is why I said we need to stop making talentless hoes famous. Now they really think they are better than women with real careers and talent. Kim Kardashian swears she’s better than Beyonce now (and literally tries to compete with her LMAO) and Chyna thinks she can come for Ciara when her “career” is promoting weave on Instagram and hosting parties in ratchet clubs.

  3. I don’t know why she’s shading Ciara because Ciara doesn’t care. Future is the one who can’t move on and keeps talking about her. Hell he probably told Chyna to do this.

  4. How stupid can you really be. I tried to pull for Chyna I really did but she a stupid bird. She in the running for loser of the year with Meek first she got her man taken by a kid while she was smiling in the Kardashians face. Now getting a tattoo for a known male whore who has no respect for women. The nerve trying to throw shade at Ciara when she just had the party of the year thrown by her man.Throwing shade on the gram while Ciara was partying with the King Bey,Kelly Rowland Lala, Lily Collins etc girl goodbye you have lost at life.

  5. What is it about that Codeine fiend that has these women making the dumbest decisions?! These people are procreating!!! I’m concerned.

  6. What is the big deal about the tattoo? If Ciara has moved on and Future has moved on why are people acting so stupid about a tattoo? So what it was shown on Ciara’s birthday. Big deal. People acting like Ciara and Future still have feelings for each other.

    1. she was trying to be petty she made it a big deal by posting it on ciara birthday but it backfired because she been getting dragged ever since

    2. Exactly. While I do not condone getting anyones name permanently inked on ones body, who cares if she revealed it on Ciara birthday. Does she know its her birthday?
      People make such a big deal over evrything. Ciara probably doesnt even care.

      1. You can sit down too acting obtuse. Everyone knew it was Ciara’s birthday. Her birthday party was all in the news. Chyna did this on purpose because she’s a bitter bird Future will dump before the year is over. She didn’t post that until Ciara’s party was all on the blogs.

    3. Oh sit all the way down somewhere. The only time you comment on this blog is on the Ciara posts and you are always pressed. You never have anything nice to say about her because you’re bitter and obsessed. But it’s ok boo. Stanning for Blac Chyna is a better fit for you anyway I guess.

    1. Word!!! I thought that was a random thot she was speaking about….but now that you mentioned it, it fits Chyna lol

  7. Hmmm I was trying to understand why Chyna is coming for Ciara…..Ciara is winning no matter what….but I get why Chyna is coming for her bcuz Ciara is or was affiliated with the Kartrashians….anyway…Chyna still needs to do better wit herself..cuz no1 involved but her and Future cares lol

  8. Future will dog her out just like all the others. If Ciara couldn’t get special treatment, she damn sure won’t either.

  9. I don’t understand why she needed to do this on Ciara’s birthday. That was childish and insecure on her part.

  10. I don’t know why she’s trying to shade Ciara. I mean what Future does with his community p-nis is none of Ciara’s business anymore and she no longer cares. You would think Chyna wouldn’t be this messy seeing as she hated when Kylie was shading her.

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