Erykah Badu is Not Having It

Photo Credit: Facebook
Photo Credit: Facebook

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

R&B singer Erykah Badu isn’t afraid to express herself on social media and sometimes she even claps back at her critics too.

And a few times Erykah even found herself at odds with fellow artists seeing as her last big Twitter beef was with rapper Azealia Banks.

But if it’s one thing Erykah won’t stand for, it’s criticism of her work.

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  1. So basically Erykah deflected. I’m not surprised. This video is one thing she will never be able to live down.

  2. Sigh…all these years later and she still has nothing worthwhile to say about a badly done video she chose to make. I still love her though.

    1. Window Seat was on some weird ish to because it went against everything she said she would never do. That’s just how Erykah is. She says one thing but does another. She gets a pass for being a hypocrite because her music is good. LOL.

  3. That video was trash. And she couldn’t say anything really back to that person because I mean really how can you defend bathing in a tub full of a white man’s c-m when you’re supposed to be some deep neo soul singer? Erykah lost that day and people won’t ever forget that sh-t either.

    1. True but she was rude for no reason. All the chick asked is what was the meaning of the video. That’s all. And Erykah called her a hoe for what exactly?

  4. Oh man I forgot about that video. I still don’t know what she was thinking when her and her sister agreed to it.

  5. She just needs to admit that the video was terrible and disgraceful once and for all apologize and keep it moving. The fact that she wont take any responsibility for it and keeps ducking and dodging the questions rubs people the wrong way and it should.

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