Does Wale Make a Good Point?

While a lot of artists are careful about how much they share on social media since it can result in some serious backlash in the media, Wale continues to use social media to express his frustrations with the music industry.

Wale feels like he should be a much bigger artist by now, and many of his fans would agree.

The rapper continues to work on his music but isn’t optimistic things will ever fall in place for him, but he seemed to suggest on social media recently that while he enjoys interacting with his fans, he questions why those who don’t remain on top regardless.

He started to question it all when one of his fans came off a little too entitled.

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  1. He takes everything to heart and that’s his problem. Back in the day, there was no Twitter. Fans supported an artist because they loved their music, not because they tweeted them. I know he knows this. I think if he would tweet less and stop complaining all the time, he would finally start to get the shine he wants.

  2. I don’t care if people tweet me back or not. All I ask is that the music is good and that’s enough. Sit down Wale.

  3. I think Wale could be so much more if he just got off Twitter for a while. How can anyone win in life when they’re tweeting every thought and complaint they have about their career?

  4. I can’t even lie, he’s responded to a Voxer message of mine and took the time to humor me (against his initial preference lolol) after one of his concerts. It definitely meant a lot to me, but doesn’t make or break whether I support an artist. I can’t fault him for this. I think it’s the result of his endless quest to pinpoint why he hasn’t reached the level of success he’s yearning for. With as beautiful as his gift is, he’s extremely unhappy… I hope he has supportive people around him because if not, I don’t see this ending well later on down the line.

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