Fetty Wap Throws Masika Under the Bus?

According to TMZ, Fetty Wap has been pretty angry with Masika since learning of her pregnancy and he wants nothing to do with the situation.

TMZ writes:

We’re told they had an angry text exchange in which Masika told Fetty she believes abortion is murder … and he fired back, “You obviously don’t believe in condoms either.”

Our sources say Masika pleaded that she’d taken the Pill, but it didn’t work — and Fetty responded by telling Masika she’d be having the baby on her own. We’re told he texted, “I ain’t comin round helping yu none of that I’m lettin yu no now.”

Fetty sources have told us he wants DNA proof the kid is his.

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  1. N-gga YOU obviously don’t believe in condoms. The mof-ckin audacity. Who forced this grown a-s man to f-ck this chick raw any damn way?

  2. This is why these birds need to stop chasing after these rappers. A lot of them don’t have money like that and they don’t want to take care of any kids. Yet they will keep sleeping around without using protection. I can only imagine the number of rappers and gold diggers out here walking around with stds.

    1. These ‘RAPPERS’ do not have to have s-x with any of these young women and same goes for the women!!! AIDS STILL EXIST!!!!!! USE A CONDOM! BESIDES this young woman acts like its HIS fault for not wearing a condom, she does not know who he was having s-x with two minutes before her! Really??? girl be responsible for YOUR OWN V-GINAL HEALTH!!!! JUST TOO DUMB FOR WORDS!!!

  3. If this is true, he’s a terrible person. If he really felt like Masika wasn’t good enough to have kids with, he shouldn’t been sleeping with her, especially without protection. But then again, this seems to be the norm for him. He impregnates women he despises, and then blames them for it.

  4. Masika isn’t innocent but Fetty needs to be mad at himself if he knew Masika was a golddigging industry jumpoff why was he even messing with her let alone sleeping with her without protection that’s on him. He gave her exactly what she wanted now he needs to live with the consequences and do right by the child the child is innocent how quickly his trifling a-s forgets children don’t ask to be here. Like I said Masika isn’t innocent and she definitely isn’t having this child for the right reasons she’s having it for opportunity smh.

  5. Well the saying does say a fool and his money will soon part ways. I’ll be shocked if Fetty doesn’t end up broke and doing reality shows in five years.

  6. Why does Masika think we care? Girl go on and get your lawyer ready because you’re going to need a good one very soon.

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