R&B Singer Tory Lanez Talks Getting Dissed by Drake

In a recent interview with Power 106, Troy claims he thinks Drake is taking shots at him because he’s threatened.

All Hip Hop writes:

“I don’t know what that man has against me. I don’t got nothing against him. It’s all happy and positive on my side,” stated Lanez. “I’m finally in a place to feed my family, and I just don’t understand why anybody would want to take that away from me.”

He added, “I understand that I’m a threat musically, but it is what it is. Much blessings to that man.”

Tory’s response has seemed to change over the last few weeks. Not long after the release of “Summer Sixteen” in January, Lanez posted a tweet that simply read, “L.”

The tweet came off as a statement that Drake lost the latest round of respective diss tracks with Tory’s longtime collaborator Meek Mill. The MMG rapper dropped his direct response “War Pain” mere minutes after “Summer Sixteen” hit the internet.

Besides lines aimed at Meek, Drake also used “Summer Sixteen” to recite, “All you boys in the new Toronto want to be me a little.” Tory has a mixtape titled The New Toronto which arrived in 2015.

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  1. Now Drake isn’t someone I can stomach lately but why on earth would he be threatened by this person? Drake is literally sitting at the top and his only competition is Kendrick and Cole.

  2. From what I’ve heard so far, Drake has no reason to feel threatened. Tory doesn’t have what it takes to cross over like Drake has. Drake is pop and he won’t worry about his spot until the Pop crowd loses interest in him.

  3. ummm Tory only has that 1 song “Say it” so yeah I don’t understand why Drake coming for this dude either….Tory talking about “Threatened” lol…..maybe he was just bored and having a bi-polar moment really not like him…that’s more Meek Mill behavior lol

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