Kim Fields’ Husband Comes for the Other Housewives + Hints She Won’t Return for Another Season?

Apparently Kim’s husband Chris had some words for the other housewives when it comes to their interest in his s*xuality.

After he clapped back at the ladies, he then stated something that has folks thinking Kim won’t do another season of RHOA.

Inquisitr writes:

A viewer left a comment on Chris Morgan’s photo asking him how he feels about the comments that NeNe Leakes, Phaedra Parks, and Porsha Williams, who are supposedly friends of his wife Kim Fields, made about him. Chris’ response put them on blast.

Chris responded that those women are coworkers and that their “tired,” “lonely,” and “desperate” comments came from wanting what he and Kim have. He added that none of the women, who are “just trying to stay relevant,” said any of those things in front of his face and that none of the men on the trip said anything about his sexuality either.

As for Kenya Moore’s claim about his sexuality, Chris wrote that he didn’t divorce one woman and remarry another one because he’s hiding anything.

“christopherlmorgan: [email protected] I know who and what I am. So does my wife. Tired, lonely, desperate things come out of people that want what you have. Did you see ANYONE dare say any of that crap in my presence? There’s a reason. What did the fellas say/think? I didn’t divorce one woman and remarry another one because I was hiding something, and I hope no one would ever feel so conflicted. All of the women you mentioned are just trying to stay relevant, I ain’t mad. We won’t remember their names…… Soon. Be blessed.”

chris morgan rhoa comment


We’re not so sure this was a nod to Kim possibly leaving the show after the season but it has folks talking nonetheless.

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  1. I would hate for Kim to be runrun off by Kenya’s jealous, crazy behind. But sometimes staying classy and not wallowing in the gutter with the Kenyas of the world is necessary

  2. Kim’s husband is a lot like Peter so I don’t know why Kenya’s fans are insulting him when they think Peter’s antics are so funny most of the times. I mean really. What’s the difference between Chris and Peter? Both of them are the mouthpiece for their spouses tbh.

  3. She doesn’t need to let Kenya run her off so soon. Kenya loves to bully other women. She’s going to have to toughen up and her husband can’t do it all for her.

  4. I don’t think he is Gay or w/e…..he is the total opposite of his wife and I feel like their relationship fits and they are cute together. I also don’t see how folks are comparing Chris to Peter. Chris only speaks to defend his wife against the vultures…and they came for his sexuality so to nicely put it he called them haters and jealous…he’s opinionated. What he said is usually said behind closed doors when your speaking to your man. As for Peter he is just disrespectful to every1 and a busy body…he buts into too many females business and it doesn’t have nothing to do with Cynthia

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