More Trouble for Katt Williams

According to Page Six, the comedian’s bodyguard claims Katt had an acquaintance attack him after he refused to go through with an unspecified criminal activity.

The publication writes:

Comedian Katt Williams faced an initial court appearance Wednesday, a day after he was accused of threatening to kill his bodyguard during an attack inside his Georgia home.

Williams made the threat while an acquaintance beat the bodyguard with a baseball bat and choked him, apparently because the bodyguard didn’t engage in criminal activity the comedian wanted him to, according to a statement from Hall County sheriff’s Deputy Nicole Bailes.

Authorities didn’t say what the criminal activity was. The alleged beating happened Feb. 28, and a day later, Williams was accused of attacking an employee at a swimming pool supply store during an argument.

Williams, 44, faces charges of terroristic threats, false imprisonment and aggravated assault, jail records show. He was to make an appearance Wednesday from the county jail in Gainesville, where a camera system is used for inmates to appear before judges.


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  1. The issue is Katt didn’t have enuff money for the bodyguard to be taking risks doing illegal activities LOL….but on the real where the hell is his woman (Hazel) at to keep him in check????????

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