Sky Talks Dutchess and Donna’s Night in Miami, What Really Happened?

According to Sky, Dutchess seemed to like what Donna was doing initially.

She says:

“Dutchess is standing right there with no underwear on. Donna pulls her down and pulls up her skirt. Donna goes down there and commits…This is the weirdest thing that I have ever seen.

“And I’m like just let it happen Dutchess, just let it happen. Think of it as Cease and I put my hand over her eyes like a pervert. So boom, Dutchess liked it for five seconds…”

Dutchess still claims she was “mouth raped,” and she also claims she can’t remember too much of what happened that night.

Check out the videos below:


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  1. I think Sky’s version is the closest to the truth. Dutchess was clearly open to a lot of things that night up until she realized she went too far and remembered she’s engaged. So now she’s trying to throw Donna under the bus and have her fired when it looks like to me she started the flirting between them that night.

  2. Hold up though. At the beginning of the video, Dutchess said she can’t even remember what happened that night and blacked out. But then in the last part, she claims to remember everything and said Donna wasn’t even all that good at it. So which one is it Dutchess? Did you black out or nah?

  3. I believe Sky. It was probably brief but the fact that Dutchess can’t even admit she did want it is the problem I have. She is always lying and trying to pretend she is a saint. I bet she was wild in college.

  4. Dutchess a-s has been caught in multiple lies. She remembers what happened that night and she was down for that sh-t because she’s too much of a coward to just end that wack a-s engagement. Why get even wit a n-gga when you can just move the f-ck on and upgrade?

  5. So the moaning which you claimed was vomiting was actually moaning or nah? Sooooo many lies to cover one truth.

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