More Details Released on the Murders of Toya Wright’s Brothers

According to reports, authorities are claiming the shooting was a result of a heated confrontation.

BET writes:

Now, new details have emerged as to what exactly went down in the wee hours when Rudy and Josh Johnson both lost their lives. According to The Advocate, the shooting was preceded by a heated argument outside of an apartment building that got so loud, it had neighbors peeking out of their windows.

John Kemper, 55, said he heard voices across the street from his residence just after midnight Sunday. He saw several residents of a group of brick apartment buildings yelling at the occupants of a black SUV. “They were yelling down, looking at the car,” Kemper said. “There was a commotion going on.”

Acknowledging that such ruckus is commonplace on his block, he went back inside, but then heard nine shots ring out. “When I looked back out, everybody was gone,” Kemper said.

Soon after, cops arrived to find the Johnson brothers dead inside the SUV, with the engine still running…

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  1. Whatever they were arguing about wasn’t worth their lives. I wish people would stop killing over pettiness. No one wins in those situations.

  2. Nowadays no one uses their words or even fists to resolve conflict. This f-ckboys always want to use guns to snuff out someone’s life.

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