Amid Lauren London’s Pregnancy, Nipsey Hussle Pens Problematic Tweet

Over the weekend, Los Angeles rapper Kid Cali was shot and killed at a pool party he was hosting.

As a result, Nipsey took to Twitter to give out a warning to those responsible.

All Hip Hop writes:

Several members of the L.A. Hip Hop community expressed their condolences, but Nipsey Hussle’s  social media reaction appeared to call for more violence.

The “Bullets Ain’t Got No Names” rhymer wrote, “N-ggas wanna gangbang let’s gangbang then.”

nipsey hussle twitter

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  1. Lauren is attracted to this kind of behavior. Why? I’m not sure because most women outgrow the bad boy phase before they graduate from high school. Lauren is in her thirties, and she still likes bad boys and thinks gang members are attractive.

  2. There’s nothing cute about this tweet. It just shows her man is more interested in some gang than her and their baby. At his age he should be over this street life. He should be trying to get away from all of that with this child on the way but that makes too much sense. But Lauren said she loves street dudes, so she should absolutely be turned on by this foolishness. Lauren is proof that you can be a successful and beautiful woman and still be a bird.

  3. Wasn’t she just bragging about being in jail? Clearly she thinks it’s cute and she won’t mind taking her child for weekly visits to the local prison

  4. Why would a girl want to get caught up with a dude like this. She must be dumb as f**k. Stupid broad. I agree with what everyone is saying. She know what the hell is up and she still got pregnant.

  5. So this is the example Lauren wants to set for her son? This is who she wants in her kids lives? I know Lil Wayne ain’t much better but at least he’s not a gang banger.

  6. Smh I watch too much First 48 to know that this shyt isn’t no good. She gonna fck around and lose her baby daddy to the streets and jail…..or end up getting caught in his bullshyt. I’m sure it ain’t hard to find out where they dilly a$$es stay and roll up…..some1 needs to grow up fast and think about their kid and future child

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