Porsha Williams and Kandi Burruss Almost Come to Blows?

Rumor has it Porsha Williams is on thin ice with RHOA producers due to her temper, so sources claim she had no problem running away from an almost fight with Kandi Burruss.

Tamara Tattles writes:

Last week, RHOA had one of their all cast dinners at a local brewery/restaurant. Everyone was there. My exclusive Tamara Tattles sources tell me that “the cast” asked Porsha how her anger management classes were going. If you recall I was first to report that Porsha was sent to anger management by Bravo.  It seemed at the time she only went to one class and it was filmed.  After the third attack last season, her cast mates all asked production to kick her off the cast, but it seems they opted to just send her back into therapy.

Now I envisioned a smirking Kenya bringing this up at the dinner, despite my source simply saying “the cast” that was until I hear that it was Kandi and Porsha who nearly claim to blows in the restaurant.  It was then that Porsha took off running! Which was smart because Kandi already said on the reunion she is not going to tolerate Porsha’s aggression.  While Kenya took a passive approach refusing to engage in a Jerry Springer like  brawl when Porsha attacked her on the reunion the previous year, Kandi made it very clear that would not be her response to Porsha.

Porsha fled the restaurant as production captured her running out into traffic and running back and forth across the street! Porsha had a full on meltdown while the rest of the cast watched through the window.  This will most certainly appear on camera. In answer to Kandi’s question, it doesn’t seem like anger management is working for Porsha and she continues to be a major liability for Bravo.  My sources referred to the incident as a bizarre nervous breakdown.

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  1. Glad she took her leave. Why fight like a fool? That’s what’s got her where she is now. She was smart to run away. The only thing that would’ve happened if she would have gotten buck was them proving their point she’s angry. Good job Porsha! Run Porsha! Run! ????

  2. I think she did the right thing to just leave the situation. Kandi is two faced and jealous of porsha and phadra friendship because kandi wasnt there for her.

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