Wiz Khalifa Has Some Words for Amber Rose

Apparently Wiz is feeling some kind of way about Amber’s recent interview.

He took to Twitter earlier today and made it clear he’s just not here for Amber’s knack of staying in the headlines due to outrageous comments.

He’s also not happy that Amber joked about calling him up to get freaky to cope with the failed 3 some.

Complex writes:

Wiz Khalifa is never one to hide his feelings and he took to Twitter Friday with his latest stream of thoughts responding directly to Amber Rose’s “f*cking horrible” threesome story.

“Not here for your rebound after your threesome. Only peace and love @DaRealAmberRose,” he tweeted before adding, “If I were to say ” i f*cked two b*tches last week and it was wack. I think Ima just call my baby’s mom” Would you feel flattered?”

…Wiz capped off his tweets Friday with a warning to his fans. “Don’t let fame and illusions fool you. Have an awesome day.” It didn’t take a fan long to comment on the whole situation, noting that Amber, Wiz, and their son were all sharing a bed Friday morning, according to Amber’s most recent snap. Check it all out below.




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  1. So Amber’s stans feel like he should have just told her this and not tweeted it? Well why won’t Amber use those same rules when it comes to her personal life? Why do we need to know she just had a bad thr–some? Don’t tell Wiz to be private when Amber is spilling her own tea daily for a check.

  2. I think he’s just frustrated with Amber. He sees how thirsty for fame she has become and it’s changed his perception of her. I see it too and it’s sad to see someone be so desperate.

  3. Whomp that’s good for her learn to keep your personal life personal. She needs to stop thinking she’s a Kardashian just cuz those bishes do and say Thot shyt on the regular for attn and they men don’t have enuff love/respect and sense to check them doesn’t mean ur a$$ can do what they do……a lot of men don’t want a Thot as a baby moms or wife and don’t wanna ever think that they actually made the mistake of giving a Thot a kid or their last name

  4. I’m Team Wiz on this one. Amber is acting like a true Kardashian now and people are getting turned off by her thirstiness. I liked her better when she never talked!

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