Blac Chyna Checks Her Mother, Tokyo Toni Responds

According to reports, Blac Chyna recently called out her mother Tokyo Toni on Instagram after she told her followers she just bought herself a new house amid divorcing her husband and struggling financially.

While her followers were congratulating her on the purchase, Chyna chimed in and revealed that she is actually the one who purchased the house.

Then Toni responded and claimed that it’s not the same house Chyna is referring to and she doesn’t know what Chyna’s problem is.

Check out the exchange and video below:

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  1. I don’t see why Chyna is irritated. She’s an opportunist too who likes to pretend she got where she did on her own.

  2. I think everyone should mind here own business.i wish the both of them all the luck and happiness and no matter how you see it that’s China mom and she has to respect her and love her .no one should be putting them down in any kind of way .yes sometimes money not good to have cause the the root to all evil.but god Bless them and everyone should be happy for them and love China and her mother and again I wish them all happiness and not matter what’s said China that’s your mom and no one can change that u love her and take care of her the hel what people say all what matter is family and happiness love ❤️ you both

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