Kanye’s Cousin Says Donda Would Not Have Approved of Kim Kardashian

Kanye’s cousin, Lawrence Franklin, recently opened up to the Daily Mail, and he admits that he’s not so sure that Donda West would have approved of Kim Kardashian.

Here’s an excerpt of the interview:

The pair got together in early 2012, five years after Donda’s shock death, and have since had two children together three-year-old North and one-year-old Saint.

‘The Kardashians do not represent our family values,’ Franklin said. ‘Kim Kardashian made her way to fame through another sex tape and by showing her body – that’s who she is.

‘When it comes down to substance, from the outside looking in – it doesn’t reflect what’s reality to us.

‘Those are industry people, they live their lives for the camera.

‘Everything they do is for the camera. They are always showing their bodies to get attention from the camera and at the end of the day that isn’t real.

‘If everything was gone who are you in the mirror?

‘I’m not personally sure how Aunt Donda would have received the Kardashians other than a good business move.

‘If there was no fame, no fortune and no celebrity status and there was a woman who represented the things that Kim represents, knowing what Aunt Donda represented, she would not have approved.

‘She represented class, dignity and respect, woman power and black power and she loved God.

‘So outside of the industry, Aunt Donda would not have approved of Kim Kardashian – that’s the truth.’

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  1. I think his cousin is wrong about Kanye. This is the real Kanye we are seeing now. His whole pro black phase was fake. He doesn’t love blackness and puts anything white on a pedestal.

  2. It truly amazes me the levels people go to defend Kanye. He is not some victim and he’s totally capable of making his own decisions about who he marries and what nonsense he gets into. He married Kim because he wanted to. He thinks she’s some queen and his ultimate goal is for them to be viewed as some kind of power couple. He knows what he’s doing and he fits right in with the Kardashians.

  3. Kanye’s cousin sounds like most of his fans. They need to stop living in the past. This is the real Kanye. He just hid it back then because he had an image he wanted to portray.

  4. It’s real easy to blame everything on Kim and the Kardashians but it’s freaky how people think they know how Donda would have felt. Didn’t Donda die getting plastic surgery? I don’t think she’s as close minded and as judgmental as people think. I believe she loved her son and would have supported him in every way possible.

  5. Donda wouldn’t approve????? didn’t she die from getting mad plastic surgery?????? So if he would’ve gotten wit Kim sooner he moms would’ve gotten the deets from the Kardashians on which platic surgeon she should go to and they would’ve told her how to go under the knife like a pro….Please!!! as for Kanye he is Hollywood fake and full of gimmicks…ain’t nobody got no type of influence on him if so then he would’ve pulled chicks wit substance and not be who the hell he is wit a person like Jay around him. Jay-Z never been flamboyant maybe when he was wearing Hawaiian shirts lol…but not on no Kanye level

  6. His mother was God fearing? But she died from breast reduction and a tummy tuck.not only that,but she was an English professor.Her caracter contradicts itself. I see were he gets it from. Like the song flashing lights and then he has a wife like Kim k with kids by her.

  7. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks his mom wasn’t what people have been trying to make her out to be all these years…

    1. You people make absolutely no sense. This man would certainly know more than anyone because he is family and he knows his aunt. Don’t be mad because he speaks complete truth.

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