Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta Recap: Reginae Defends Lil’ Wayne + Claps Back at TI

Photo Credit: WE TV

By: A.J. Niles

On the series premiere of “Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta,” Bow Wow returns to Atlanta to promote his newest mixtape, but deals with drama that reminds him of why he left.

Brandon and Zonnique clash while working during her vocal training and Reginae defends her father in his beef with TI.

Here is the recap for the premiere, “Lil Trouble in the A.”

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  1. Reginae defends Lil Wayne more than he defends himself. He doesn’t really care what strangers think about him. That’s about the only thing I respect about him.

  2. I use to think Reginae was such a good pretty girl with a good head on her shoulders just to see first hand she is an immature spoiled brat. She really needs to humble herself like Zonnique and stay out of grown folks business!!! She is trying way too hard! And Deb Abney son is soooo anoying AND his cousin. I think this cast is going to cheapin the show with all of this fussin and fighting it’s making it look like another Love & Hip Hop the kids edition.

    1. This!! Reginae so damn grown and gets on my nerve. I also wanted to go through the TV & punch Deb son in his face!

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