Bravo Gives Kenya Moore an Ultimatum, She Could be Fired from RHOA

Kenya Moore recently confirmed that she has been keeping her husband away from the media and the cameras because she wants to protect her marriage.

She doesn’t want her marriage to become the target of harsh criticism and ongoing skepticism, but her choice to be private about it is not sitting well with Bravo and RHOA producers.

According to TMZ, she’s now been given an ultimatum.

She must start filming with her husband or she will be handed her walking papers.

TMZ writes:

Production sources tell us, producers have told Kenya the only way she’ll survive on the show is if they can chronicle her relationship with husband Marc Daly. The problem … former banker Marc doesn’t want on the show, because he has big problems with the way ‘RHOA’ portrays black men.

We’re told Kenya has argued the show hired her, not her husband. There’s no mention of him in her contract. What’s more, she told producers she’s waited 46 years for a loving relationship which she now has, and doesn’t want to jeopardize it.

Our sources say her plea has fallen on deaf ears. We’re told producers have essentially given her an ultimatum — either get Marc on the show or she’ll be phased out.

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    1. Absolutely. They like to say Porsha brought down the show but Kenya played a much bigger part in that.

      1. What planet do y’all live on? The ratings didn’t get high until Kenya showed up. Don’t be delusional.

  1. I think Kenya should just walk. She doesn’t need RHOA anymore. She has a successful haircare line and a production company she can now focus on. Her marriage is way more important than keeping her peach. Unlike Kim Z, she doesn’t need the money.

    1. I agree with this. Kenya has a real man and a healthy relationship. I don’t want her to end up like the rest and get divorced and embarrassed.

  2. Why is Kenya being so extra though? She clearly isn’t trying to protect the privacy of her husband because she’s posted pictures of him all over her Instagram account and sent pictures of him to multiple websites. She even confirmed who he was. Sis needs to stop and just go ahead and film with him. She’s doing way too much and I’d be annoyed if I was Bravo too.

  3. Bravo messing up Kenya’s plan lol that’s exactly what she gets playing these games posting pics but yet still trying to be somewhat secretive she’s loving the attention. But Bravo wants the scoop now and Kenya wants to use it to keep people interested.

    1. I actually think Kenya should leave the show. She has other businesses and she really doesn’t need to keep her peach. I don’t want her to end up like the other women and end up miserable and divorced. Plus her husband is rich. She doesn’t need the show.

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