Daniel Gibson Talks Not Wanting to Reconcile with Keyshia Cole + Being Terrified of Cheating

Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Keyshia Cole and her estranged husband Daniel “Booby” Gibson signed up for the current season of “Love and Hip Hollywood” and both have been open about the demise of their marriage.

Keyshia has made it clear that she’s over the relationship, but remains on good terms with Daniel as they peaceful co-parent their son.

Now Daniel is revealing how he feels about Keyshia and future relationships in a recent interview with VH1.

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  1. If he’s terrified of cheating, he’s probably going to cheat again in the future. Monogamy isn’t something you view as a challenge or you’re going to keep failing at it.

  2. he’s a loser, so poof be gone with the crap. Raise your son and live your life whatever it will be, the rest is boring. he is a cheater & won’t change. Given another 15 seconds you would have been with the Valentine chick, she wants ya, she’s a loser too playing dumb games. I will love to see her get her face cracked. her game is weak and predictable call the chick and have her come over for what, you had dude sitting right there. girl, please how you know she’s the only side piece. go upside his head you found out first hand how he lied to ole girl, why blame her this trip she didn’t know & neither did you. Talk about faking the funk….

  3. He put Keyshia through a lot. I remember when his side chicks were all on Twitter tweeting her about all the dirt they were doing with him and Keyshia would be on there arguing with them. That was a low moment for her.

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