Moniece Slaughter Calls out AD’s Best Friend Tiffany

Last night on “Love and Hip Hop Hollywood,” Moniece’s girlfriend AD dealt with an awkward situation between Moniece and Tiffany.

Tiffany works at the Crazy Horse Gentlemen’s club in LA and is AD’s best friend. AD told Moniece that she and Tiffany tried to be more than just friends but it did not work out.

Moniece noticed that Tiffany still has strong feelings for AD, and told AD such. So, it isn’t a surprise that Tiffany had some not-so nice things to say about Moniece when AD hung out with her at Crazy Horse. However, Moniece felt Tiffany crossed the line when she brought up her parenting abilities. Tiffany claimed Moniece doesn’t take care of her child.

As soon as Tiffany said this to AD, AD quickly refuted her claims, saying they all take care of Kamron.

Well, Moniece must’ve been watching the special episode last night, because she clapped back at Tiffany for saying what she said.

Check out the tweets below (read from the bottom, up).

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  1. As much junk as Moniece talks about everyone else, it’s amazing how she can’t stand when people throw shade right back at her.

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