'Queen Sugar' Recap: Darla Gets Shut Out + Charley Faces A New Obstacle


‘Queen Sugar’ Recap: Darla Gets Shut Out + Charley Faces A New Obstacle

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Jacob Boudreaux offers a stunning proposal to Charley.

Ralph is waking from his drunken slumber. He tells Hollywood that everything is gone between him and Darla. He then asks for everyone to get together to tell them about Blue not being his biological son. Hollywood agrees and goes on to get everyone together.

Meanwhile, Charley and Remy are at the mill when Jacob Boudreaux stops by for a proposal. Despite their defensiveness, Charley listens to Jacob. After Charley tells him that she will eventually run him out of business, Jacob tells him that he’s never met any woman like her.

However, she emphatically tells Jacob that she will never do business with him. When Jacob leaves, Remy asks what he wanted. Charley said, “I don’t know.”

Ralph Angel breaks the news about Blue to the rest of the family.

It’s the day before the harvest and Prosper stops by the farm with equipment. Although he’s happy about the harvest on the farm, Darla is still stricken with sadness after telling Ralph Angel the truth about Blue. When he leaves, she walks in the farmhouse to see Blue playing with his toys, and smiles.

Charley is the last one to arrive at Aunt Vi’s house. She asks if it’s something between Charley and Ralph Angel, and is told it’s something serious. When everyone gathered around, Ralph Angel tells them that Blue isn’t his son.

“He ain’t mine. She told me Blue ain’t my son.” – Ralph Angel

Everyone is stunned by the news and RA is immediately consoled by Aunt Vi, followed by his sisters. All of their hearts are broken.

Aunt Vi is opening the High Yellow to celebrate the sugar cane harvest. She has Charley and Nova helping set up and she tells them that Blue is still family.

“No matter what, he is still family.” – Aunt Vi

When they open the doors, farmers immediately file in, including Remy, Charley tells him that she wishes Ernest was around to see the farm actually produce a harvest.

Ralph Angel eventually stops by with Hollywood. Despite still be shaken, he manages to give a supportive speech to everyone helping harvest the sugar cane. He’s very thankful for having the first harvest on the land in three years.

At the end of the speech, Hollywood pulls him to the side and tells him he did good and he has his back.

RA tells him, “I only wanted two things. To be a good father, and a good farmer. I will try to be at least one today.”

Darla gets shut out.

Later on, Hollywood stops by the farm and sees Darla leaving for her sponsor’s home to stay for a while. She asks him to pick Blue up from school. As they have a brief conversation, she tells Hollywood that she meant no harm in telling RA the truth. However, Hollywood feels differently.

“With all due respect Darla, you’re smarter than that.” – Hollywood

He then asks why she didn’t keep this to herself. Darla says it didn’t feel right not telling him he truth. She says, “I’m getting married to him and would feel bad not telling him.”

“It wouldn’t be right.” – Darla

“Well, ain’t none of it right. Not one damn bit.” – Hollywood

Darla is in her office when Charley walks in and gives her the look of anger and disgust. Darla gets up from her desk to try to explain everything. But Charley says that she’s been lying to everyone for almost 7 years. As a result of this, Darla is told she’s fired.

Charley must deal with a new struggle; rumors about the mill run amok.

Nova calls Charley to check out how the harvest is going. Although Charley says it’s going well, Nova gets an email from a colleague Lizzy that there are issues at the Queen Sugar Mill. She tries to tell Lizzy that the story is a hoax, but Lizzy is still going to write it. However, she needs help getting Charley to talk.

“If I don’t do the story, someone else will. At least I can make sure the story is balanced.” – Lizzy

Micah is with is classmate hanging up flyers protesting the monument at his school. His classmate is nervous about the protest, however two black students walk by and show admiration in Micah hanging the flyers.

Blue is still treated like family.

Later on, Nova stops by Aunt Vi’s to recap everything that happened. Aunt Vi expresses disappointment with everything not happening as she planned, thanks to Darla’s truth. She also express her desire to still be in Blue’s life.

“I want to hug that boy.” – Aunt Vi.

She then reminisces about Ernest spending time with Blue and says he made up for all the wrongs Ralph Angel did in the past. While they are talking, another colleague calls about the story being published. He feels that the story should be published despite her pushback.

At the High Yellow, Charley is sitting with another farmer that’s been hearing rumors that the mill is having problems. She tries to assure him that everything is okay, however, he will listen to the rumors and not mill with her. Another farmer is telling Ralph Angel about the rumors, but he isn’t having it.

He tells the farmer to ignore them and continue to cut his cane, like he is going to do.

Micah gets suspended and Charley prepares to fight.

Micah is escorted into the principal’s office to talk about the flyers he’s been posting. She tells him that the trustees have been grilling her about his protest. She tells him that the artifacts will be removed, but the school board feel as if his flyers are vandalism. However, due to the backlash from his posters, he’s suspended for 30 days.

“There’s a fine line here, and you crossed it. Next time, be more careful.” – Micah’s principal

Hollywood brings Blue over to Aunt Vi’s and he’s greeted by her and Nova. Everyone tries their best to treat Blue normally, despite the news from earlier.

RA is desperately trying to get in touch with Charley and Remy about the mill, but they aren’t answering. Prosper tried to call too, with no avail. Nova is telling Charley and Remy about the article that’s going to be written by her paper. She encourages Charley to sit down with Lizzy.

This begins to break Charley down but Remy tells her to fight.

“Oh, I’ll fight alright.” – Charley

She then gets up to head over to see one of the Landry men. Remy, who is tasked to talk to the farmers, stops by RA’s farm. RA tells him that the Landry’s will not stop until they get the farm back in their possession. Remy assures RA that Charley will handle everything.

Nova is still over Aunt Vi’s and stops by her room when she notices the Lupus medication. She tells Aunt Vi that she won’t tell anyone about it until she’s given permission. Nova then emphasizes with Aunt Vi and tells her she’s going on her herbal medicine. They then hug on her bed.

The episode ends with Ralph Angela walking into Blue’s room. He is still broken down about the news Darla told him, and begins to shed another tear.


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  1. Yeah I Said It!

    November 9, 2017 at 3:18 pm

    I hate how they are doing Darla.

  2. Nessa

    November 9, 2017 at 3:27 pm

    I know Darla messed up but damn do they have to do her like this? I’m scared she’s going to relapse.

  3. Gloria

    November 9, 2017 at 3:29 pm

    RA should do a DNA test. I can’t believe no one on the show has suggested this yet.

  4. Jordan's Memory

    November 9, 2017 at 4:07 pm

    Exactly! Why tell him he MAY not be the father. That’s stupid! Just get ole dude tested first and not mention it at all. She could be causing alot of pain for nothing.

  5. Ms. Jackson

    November 9, 2017 at 4:43 pm

    Ava is on that f-ck sh-t. Darla was honest when she didn’t have to be. Truth be told, she’s had more growth than everyone else on the show. That’s why it pisses me off to see them look their noses down on her. They have flaws too. At least she’s gotten her sh-t together.

    • Pat

      November 10, 2017 at 11:41 am

      I’m saying though! I thought I was the only one who felt like Darla is the most developed character on Queen Sugar. She deserves better!

  6. Anonymous

    November 9, 2017 at 9:12 pm

    Y’all better get ready. Darla will be back on drugs on the finale. Trust and believe that is where the writers are going. So predictable!

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