ICYMI: Marlo Drags Wendy Williams and Kenya Moore

When Kenya Moore made her latest appearance on “The Wendy Williams Show,” Wendy made it clear that there’s something about Marlo that she doesn’t like and she’s not understanding why she’s still on the show.

As for Kenya, she pretended to not even know who Marlo is and responded with a shady, “Who?”

Marlo clapped back on Instagram Live and said the following on Wendy:

That’s another black woman who’s insecure. How can you not like Marlo? You can say I talk a lot. You can say I’m extra, but how can you not like me because it’s a part of me that’s in Wendy that’s a little girl that she wanted to be me that’s still the woman that she wants to be. How I’m so opinionated, she probably wants to talk to Kevin like how I would probably curse his a*s out. She might want to be single like I am.

It needs to be something about that damn husband she don’t like.

Well it’s something about her I love. I love how she keeps my name in her mouth. I love that she’s so insecure and she lets poor little Marlo from St. Petersburg, poor little Marlo, get to her skin. And she keeps me in her mouth. That’s crazy.

Marlo’s followers then informed her that Kenya pretended not to know her and responded with, “Who?”

Marlo responded with the following:

Kenya needs to say dermatologist who? That’s what she needs to say. Dermatologist who? Real husband who? Medicine who? She needs to say a whole lot of who’s, not me. Clothes who? Style who? Okay, Kenya is a straight up hater.

She had a few more words for Wendy too:

Wendy need a got damn body do over. Sitting there looking like a damn body wrestler…looking like a got damn linebacker.

Check out the video below:

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  1. Now see, Wendy gets on my last nerves but I’m sure she would never want to switch places with Marlo. She has an amazing career and her own coins while Marlo has to keep a sugar daddy rotation. Just saying.

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