‘Black Ink Crew’ Recap: Donna Comes to Blows with Landlord + Gets Help from Young Bae

Cease gives the gang an update on the missing $10,000.

Cease returns to the shop and meets the new receptionist, Jadah.

After being surprised by the new hire, he tells the group that he figured out that the $10,000 missing wasn’t actually stolen.

Apparently a large credit card transaction is just taking a little longer to process. With that being the situation, they know they need to get back in touch with Melody and convince her to return to the shop.

“Oops.” – Donna

In a green screen interview, Donna says that she’s still glad Melody is gone because of her “holier than thou” attitude.

Cease asks Sky to take over as manager for now.

This angers Sky and she says her home is now in Atlanta.

“I’m not staying here, Ceaser.” – Sky

Cease says Sky will stay behind until things in 113th are handled and he will head back to Atlanta.

Donna hates her living situation.

She’s tells her boyfriend that she is living with a 52-year-old woman and renting a room from her.

Donna says they aren’t getting along and the woman even tried to kick her out. Donna says the woman says she hasn’t been paying rent, but she’s paying her cash.

She even feeds the woman’s grandkids.

The woman changed the locks and Donna has no idea what caused the woman to flip on her.

“I really cannot go back to her house. So I’m either going to be homeless or sleeping with you.” – Donna

Her boyfriend agrees to this after she promises to please him in the bedroom.

Sky returns to the 113th shop to play temporary manager, she kicks Kitty out the shop.

She tells them that she doesn’t want to be there and blames Kitty for her “clerical error.”

Sky gives everyone new house rules, and Kitty is annoyed that Sky is placing all the blame on her when Donna is the one who made Melody quit.

They start arguing and Kitty accuses Sky of being jealous of her “angelic glow.”

“Go ahead and go f*ck your way towards something else.” – Sky

Kitty reminds Sky that she got work done on her lady parts, but Sky doesn’t seem to be phased by this and continues to taunt Kitty through song.

She then tells Kitty to get out the shop and Kitty gets frustrated and walks out.

Kevin is ready to come clean to his father about his romantic interest in men.

He says although he’s bi, at this point of his life, he’s more into men.

His father discovered a love letter a guy wrote to him when he was younger, and told him to not go down that path.

But now he’s ready to have an honest conversation with his father on his lifestyle.

Cease returns to Atlanta.

He’s happy to be back because he feels that there’s no drama there.

However, he gets upset when he learns the toilet in the shop’s bathroom isn’t working. The staff reminds him that Sky is the one who was supposed to handle it.

While there, he ends his fling with one of his Atlanta employees.

She tells him it’s cool and it’s no big deal.

He’s surprised by her reaction.

When another staff member tells them they can’t make purchases with the shop credit card and that’s what Sky used to do, Cease calls Sky.

She curses him out for forcing her to stay behind in New York to take Melody’s place.

Young Bae’s boyfriend moves in.

She’s not exactly thrilled about sharing all of her space. Especially not her closet.

However, they agree to work together so they will both be happy.

Sky pays Melody a visit.

She’s put off by the fact that Melody is living in a RV.

“Can I come in?” – Sky

Melody says she doesn’t really feel like talking about the situation but she’s positive Sky would be more open to understanding her point of view than most.

Sky has a panic attack when she sees the bathroom.

“Oh my God the struggle is real for the b*tch.” – Sky

Sky tells Melody that the $10,000 situation was just a mistake Kitty made.

However, Melody still doesn’t want her job back.

Sky tells her everyone is sorry and she’s wanted back in the shop.

“We need you.” – Sky

“I can’t. That sh*t that happened was so hurtful. I don’t think I can go back to that.” – Melody

Sky offers to give Melody a raise and Melody says she’s not interested.

“There’s no way I’m going back to Black Ink.” – Melody

Sky returns to the shop and tells the gang that Melody is living in a RV. Everyone laughs.

“That’s not funny. She’s living in a RV and she’s done with Black Ink.” – Sky

Teddy says he saw Donna on the local news’ Help Me Howard segment.

The segment focuses on people who reach out to the station to help them with their problems.

Donna’s landlord/roommate was on there and is accusing Donna of not paying rent and being filthy. Howard, the reporter, even got in touch with Ceaser to get his thoughts.

Donna walks in the shop and confirms that she broke the window to get in her room because the locks were changed.

She denies not paying rent though.

“That sh*t is fake news.” – Donna

While still in Atlanta, Cease decides to end things with Persuasion.

However, he struggles to do it as he watches her mouth work on the hookah pipe.

“She’s hot as f*ck right now.” – Cease

He tells her he needs to be more stable and stop sleeping around so much.

She says she also needs to make some changes in her life and it seems like they are on the same page.

So she takes this as Ceaser wanting her to be his girlfriend. He’s shocked by this but doesn’t correct her.

She hugs him.

Kevin comes clean to his father about his attraction to men.

His father arrives and is glad to see him.

“How was your flight?” – Kevin

“It’s been a long time since I’ve been in New York City.” – Kevin’s father

They have some more small talk and Kevin decides to get straight to business.

Kevin explains that he was nervous to see him but it’s important for him to be open about who he is.

“I am a gay black male. Are you okay with having a gay black son?” – Kevin

His father says that he doesn’t agree with his lifestyle, but all he cares about is Kevin being happy.

This really shocks Kevin and he says it’s a huge relief.

“My love for you son is unconditional.” – Kevin’s father

They hug.

Donna comes to blows with her landlord, and gets some help from Young Bae.

While hanging out at the shop, Donna’s landlord and her daughter come by the shop to confront her.

As soon as she speaks to Donna, Donna comes charging at them both and starts swinging.

After the landlord’s daughter attempts to tag team Donna with her mother, Young Bae jumps in and drags the landlord on the floor by her hair. Bae then stomps the landlord’s daughter’s head a few times before security intervenes.

Donna’s landlord and daughter are escorted out the shop and the landlord screams that Donna owes her $2500. Donna reminds her that she knows where to find her for round two.


What are your thoughts on the episode?

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    1. No, she’s a try hard. Her storylines are boring and this is the most interesting thing she will do all season.

  1. young bae is dumb. Jumping into fights for Donna. Donna a messy liar. Donna started the fight. Why jump in? Would she do the same for you or throw you under the bus?

  2. Donna was in the wrong though. She threw punches first when she is really out here not paying her rent. That’s messed up.

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