Cardi B’s Sister Responds to Amara La Negra’s Interview + Charlamagne Responds to Backlash

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By: A.J. Niles

Amara La Negra’s interview with “The Breakfast Club” touched quite a few nerves over the past 24 hours. While there are many that support and understand how Amara La Negra feels regarding her struggles with colorism, there are those that sided with Charlemagne’s questioning of it.

This includes Cardi B’s sister Hennessy.

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  1. Cardi and her sister both need to learn how to shut the f-ck up. Don’t f-ck up your coins when you’ve only had fame for five minutes. And I’m not surprised Charlemagne’s bleaching a-s still doesn’t get it.

  2. She is not the first nor will she be the last to speak of the stuggles of darker skin women. I’m not understanding why they keep bringing up Cardi being a stripper like she was the first stripper to come up, and what does her stripping have to do with the fact that she is light skin, this could have just as easily been Joseline if she didnt fight everybody and focused more on music than love and hip hop

  3. Do all these people not see that they are only validating everything Amara has been saying? Look at how all of them are giving her a hard time and basically telling her she’s lying about her own life experiences. Especially when it’s no secret how dark skinned Latinas are treated. And Cardi and her sister stay on the defensive. They don’t know how to handle fame and if they don’t get it together soon, the ride won’t be very long. And as far as Envy and Charlamagne are concerned, they made fools of themselves and this response didn’t help them at all. It only made things worse. I noticed that this video has more dislikes than likes. They messed up but lack the humility to admit that and apologize.

  4. Would Cardi have the same commercial success she has if she was dark skinned? Think about it. Cardi is very ratchet and ghetto. She would not have gotten a pass for being a walking stereotype who can’t even speak if she was a dark skinned woman. For one, black people would not have it. They’d cancel her before she could even release her first single. And white people wouldn’t be checking for her if she was dark skinned and ratchet. Since she’s light, they find her ghetto ways cute and endearing. I don’t know why so many people like to pretend otherwise. Colorism has always been a thing in the music industry. Now I say all this and I can admit yes, she does work hard. But to pretend like she’s the only one from LHH putting in work isn’t honest. She just has the acceptable look which makes it easy for her to get a pass on how she acts.

    1. Ab??so??lute??ly!! As much as I like Cardi and her seemingly good work ethic, there is no way her “persona” would be accepted by the music industry or the masses if she were richly blessed with melanin.

  5. Oh please. Cardi def benefits from her skin tone. I mean Remy should be where Cardi is now. But she won’t ever get on that level because she’s not light enough. And it was weird seeing her and Bruno dance around in that video when neither one of them is even black. How are you doing the theme of the very black In Living Color and you’re not even black????!!!! And it’s a smash hit. If black artists made that same song it would flop on the charts.

  6. I can’t stand people who just can’t admit they were wrong. And Hennessy needs to have several seats. Everything Amara said went right over her head. Poor thing.

  7. People really don’t get it or don’t want to get it point blank period. Charlamagne and Envy knew exactly what Amara was saying and they still dismissed her they tried to act stupid but they knew wtf she was saying. As far as Cardi sister she defended her sister when she didn’t need defending nobody said anything bad about her nobody said she got to where she got because of her skin color. But it definitely helped her that’s just being real call a spade a spade especially in mainstream media they are more comfortable with lighter skin especially on women a rather its america or latin america colorism exists globally. Cardi sister need to save her energy and use it when someone really comes for Cardi.

  8. I’m so tired of people refusing to educate themselves. This video was even more ignorant than the actual interview.

  9. This really isn’t a hard concept to understand so I’m confused as to why it’s going right over their heads. Especially as people of color.

  10. I’m telling you people are out here playing with fire on the gram. Sometimes silence is best. And Envy and Charlamagne just need to stop talking. They clearly aren’t capable of discussing real issues. Shock jocks indeed.

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