Amid Backlash, Cardi B Stands Behind Her Sister’s Comments About Amara La Negra

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: A.J. Niles

The recent colorism debate which began with Amara La Negra’s “The Breakfast Club” interview has caused a lot of debates on social media.

As we recently reported, Charlamagne Tha God asked Amara if her colorism struggles were in her head, pointing to Cardi B’s success. As Charlamagne was dragged for the question and comments during the interview, Cardi B’s sister Hennessy came to their defense.

Hennessy passionately stated that Cardi B’s skin color and looks aren’t the reasons behind her recent success, and she came for Amara because she felt Amara alluded such.

As people came for Hennessy, Cardi B is letting people know on her social media accounts that she stands behind her sister no matter what.

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  1. I expect nothing less from the annoying gnat. It’s amazing though how quickly people forgot how badly she treated Asia on LHHNY, a dark skinned woman. Yeah I didn’t forget about that.

  2. I find it so cowardly when people post big and bad just to delete it in a hurry. I’m not surprised by Cardi’s reaction though. She already said something similar in one of her interviews that was posted on here I believe.

  3. Cardi is really out here wildin. It’s like she’s way too sensitive and doesn’t seem to understand how to maneuver this fame thing. She’s going to end up saying something she can’t take back, and she’ll have to tuck her tail between her legs and go back to Love & Hip Hop. She needs to be careful.

  4. Cardi has offended multiple groups of people and she hasn’t even dropped her album yet. Someone on here said her fate will be the same as Iggy’s and I’m starting to think they are right.

  5. Mess. Cardi needs to remember she’s not on a reality show anymore. So that whole “being real” schtick will cause problems once you start trying to have a legit career. And I’m talking about one of those careers where you drop an album here and there and it flops but you make some coins by side businesses and touring in small venues. You can get away with being messy online at that level. I’m talking about a legit career when you’re dropping hits and performing for major concerts like Coachella. When you get on that kind of level, it’s super easy to say something that will get you in some serious trouble. I’m not sure why she hasn’t figured this out yet.

  6. Ok I’m starting to get really tired of Cardi. She is always putting her foot in her mouth and having to go back and delete all the dumb stuff she types. If you can’t stand by what you type, maybe you don’t need to be typing it. That goes for her sister as well.

  7. Does Cardi and her sister not understand that there’s a lot of women working hard to succeed in the music industry and they still can’t make it? I think that is what’s annoying me the most. She really believes hard work is the end all be all in an industry that is known for politics/racism/colorism.

  8. I really don’t like her comment she is somewhat starting rub me the wrong way. She defends Offset for his racist comments and now her sister Hennesy for being slow about colorism

  9. Where is Cardi’s team? She committing all kinds of offenses out in these streets and somebody needs to take her phone away.

  10. This is what happens when untalented people get platforms. I’m all for the come up but lets be honest, she will never make the crossover into mainstream she will flop like kmichelle.

  11. Shes foolish. They trying to cross her simple a-s over. Get her more opportunities. Wont happen with posts like this. She will stay strictly hip hop. Dont see the hype anyway. There was a classier way to say what she said.

  12. And people playing dumb like her complexion ain’t had nothing to do wit her success but when Remy pretty brown chocolate arse came for Nicki she was a ghetto jealous disrespectful darkie ??‍♀️ But Cardi can say and do whatever and people be like awwwwwww

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