Mo’Nique Calls Out Charlamagne Tha God Amid Netflix Boycott

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By: A.J. Niles

Mo’Nique’s quest to boycott Netflix and raise awareness of pay inequalities for African-American women at the streaming platform has been met with tremendous opposition. However, there have been other African-American women in Hollywood to come forward and corroborate Mo’Nique’s claims, including Wanda Sykes.

Well, Mo’Nique and her husband Sidney recently addressed their critics, which includes Tony Rock, Steve Harvey and Charlemagne Tha God.

In fact, they openly wonder if their criticisms show that they truly mean they don’t respect African-American women.

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  1. F-ck her! After finding out that Netflix initially offered her 3 million contigent on a showcase and she refused at which point they offered her 500,000 I refuse to believe anything Monique says. She took an important issue for black women and used it for her selfish gain. If J Murray hadn’t busted her about the 3 million we would’ve never known she had lied by omission.

    1. IOB is lying sis. And Jawn Murray as a journalist should know better than repeating lies made up by an Instagram blog. But he doesn’t care because he’s petty. Please believe Netflix would go to the Hollywood Reporter or TMZ to spill tea. Not an Instagram blog. IOB said Netflix offered her $5 million to audition and she turned it down. That’s a lie and it doesn’t even make sense. They don’t pay comedians millions to audition (that’s not even feasible as a business), and Monique already confirmed she auditioned twice on Sway. Also, Monique did not contact them first. They contacted her first as they did with Wanda Sykes. They are trying to increase their stand up numbers and have been contacting comedians left and right. $500,000 is all she was offered and Wanda was offered less than that. I know Monique is an easy person to dislike, but it’s not cool how she’s being lied on by black bloggers and black writers. Netflix doesn’t have to respond because black people are tearing her down for them and for free.

      1. First of all, I don’t go on IOB because I don’t like that site, plus they’re not the only sources with this story. Secondly, Monique was offered 3 million but had to audition so Netflix could be sure they would get their numbers back in viewership, etc. She didn’t want to audition….I don’t care what she says and she turned the showcase down, that’s when she was offered the 500,000 as a final offer. Jawn doesn’t have to repeat lies when he can can get the info straight from sources at Netflix and these other companies and people that Monique tried to extort or abuse . Monique is a horrible person who’s using a legitimate issue for her own gain. I hope this finally deads her career and she and her worthless husband disappear from my timeline

        1. You may not read IOB, but you’re definitely repeating their BS right now. IOB is the source, and Jawn even tweeted an article from Rolling Out which used them as the source (it’s still on his Twitter account). It came from them and they are known for lying. They are the ones who started the lie first. It’s such a ridiculous lie that none of the major media outlets are touching it. Why? Because they know it’s BS. Why on earth would Netflix pay millions to get someone to audition? That would put their business in the red very fast. And she did audition, that was confirmed in the email from Netflix which she showed during her interview and on her podcast. In fact she auditioned twice and had to give them free tickets, which again was said by Netflix in the emails. The only and final offer was $500k, which she felt was too low but they refused to budge. That’s also is in the emails. I mean it doesn’t even make sense that Monique would be offered millions for an audition (something Netflix can’t even profit from). No one gets paid millions of dollars to audition. That is not how Netflix operates, but I wouldn’t expect blogs desperate for hits to actually do journalism. What they do is contact potential comedians, and ask for them to audition and most usually agree to have them come out to some of their standup shows (that serves as the auditions). Monique is in the middle of a comedy tour right now, they hit her up asking for free tickets as an audition (this is also in the emails). She agreed to it and they had to come out twice (this is also in the emails). They liked what they saw (which is also in the emails) and made the offer of $500k (which is also in the emails). Netflix ain’t out here offering millions for auditions. No streaming service operates likes that.

          Just say you don’t like Monique and be done with it. She’s out here showing off emails from Netflix that disputes everything IOB and Jawn are saying (plus none of it makes sense anyway), and you’re like, “nah, son.” But whatever.

          1. Oh….but we ‘spose to believe every Damn thing Monique says when she OPENLY LIED about Whoopi Goldberg by saying she wasn’t a stand up comedian. She openly LIED saying she’s the most decorated comedian alive. She openly LIED about her experience in Almost Christmas.
            But she ain’t capable of lying about this offer tho. Lmao!!
            You emotional followers of Monique are laughable!

          2. Huh? Those emails aren’t hearsay. She actually showed them so everyone could read them on her Podcast. I don’t know why y’all just won’t say y’all don’t like her and be done with it.

          3. Well…..I’m waiting on her to rebuke and show receipts about Media Take Out, Rolling Out etc regarding the 3 million.Cause she has the propensity to speak untruths and half truths too.
            Now please address her blatant lies about Whoopi and her accomplishments.
            And speak to how the producer of Almost Christmas, who tried to put her back in the ga me, had a TERRIBLE experience with her and her immature husband
            Don’t nobody hate Monique; they hate when somebody tryna play on their emotions and scamming when they haven’t advocated for the same “regla” folks they expecting to boycott on their behalf.

          4. I like Monique. However, her delivery and manner about dealing with issues is very off putting and brusque. The fact that she’s burned so many bridges with ppl in Hollywood says a lot about who she and her husband are. Ppl want to blast folks in the media when there should ONLY be a private conversation and resolution. You must be humble, gracious and approachable in that industry. I wish her well however, I don’t feel things will improve for her until she and her hubby truly do some real introspection and answer some hard questions about themselves. Everybody can’t be lying. ??‍♀️

    2. Also, Monique showed copies of her email exchanges with Netflix. In the emails, it’s confirmed that she did audition and they wouldn’t negotiate on the 500k offered. There was never a $5 million offered.

  2. For some reason, black women just don’t get support when we speak out on these issues. And it’s a lot of black women telling her to sit down and shut up. I kind of wonder if the real problem is Monique called out Oprah, who is like Jesus Christ to 95% of black women. Now Monique gets on my nerves, but I’m out here in the real world and pay inequality is a real thing when you’re black AND a woman. Wanda Sykes is more popular than Monique is, and she was offered half of that. So I’m not sure why it’s hard to see what’s happening here. Especially when someone like Deray got offered $5 million. And like someone already said on here, the little black boy from Stranger Things is getting paid less than his cast mates. People bring up Shonda Rhimes and Dave like that’s normal at Netflix when it isn’t. Talk to more black creators. They are severely underpaid. Some people need to like the messenger to hear the message. I can’t relate.

    1. And Tyler Perry, throw in Lee Daniels and you have the holy trinity for some black people. Even though Lee eventually proved he’s a c–n, they love his shows so Monique crossed the line to a lot of people.

    2. I think it may be her husband that is turning off so many people especially black women. He’s an alpha male and right now we’re living in a society that dragged Ciara for saying something positive about marriage. That’s two trigger factors right there. The good thing is some major people are backing her, including Whoopi and Jada Pinkett. I think good will come out of this and the next female and black comedian will get a better offer.

  3. I mean did we not just see how Charlamagne did Amara? He is not here for black women. Never has been, never will be. So I cosign all of this.

  4. I’m surprised this is still a hot topic. Mo’Nique should take advantage of the attention and make some coins from it.

  5. I’ll just come out and say it. Black women don’t f-ck with Monique because she ain’t out here playing the game and kissing white a-s like their faves. Oprah was damn near a white woman in a black woman’s body until OWN flopped. Then it became a black cable channel. She’s wrong for trying to convince Monique to let Hollywood pimp her out and not pay her, Tyler and Lee as well. Now y’all faves are out here winning Oscars, Emmys and Golden Globes and all that but they ain’t getting paid. But they won’t even speak up for themselves or for each other. They don’t want to shake the table. They know once they do, y’all won’t f-ck with em no more. Instead they sit and pray that a white woman will speak up for them like Jesica Chastain did Octavia Spencer. These black actresses don’t like to talk about how they make way less than white actresses, but they are quick to join these white a-s movements like #MeToo and #TimesUp. By the way, #MeToo was actually started by a black woman on Twitter but the white women jacked it and made it theirs. That’s why she didn’t even get on the cover on Time Magazine. But they slapped Taylor Swift on it like it was nothing. Anyway, you have to wonder why none of Octavia’s black actress friends didn’t speak up for her. Hell they were too busy playing the game too. Yall loved MoNique until she started calling people out. I remember how most of you were on the blogs rooting for her and praying she got an Oscar for that movie that did nothing but embarrass us. Thanks Lee Daniels! He then turned around and made that embarrassing television show Empire and yall ate it up! He put Taraji in a gorilla suit and yall are still watching. And she allowed it because she will take the abuse and humiliation as long as she can keep getting these low paying roles. And these black directors and movie makers are shady too. They make these cheap a-s movies that bring in lots of cash at the theaters because we go out and support, but they ain’t paying their actors! Y’all are totally okay with this too because most of you ain’t even getting equal pay at your own jobs. I love black people but times like this I really can’t stand us. We fail to see the bigger picture and that’s why our progress continues to be limited. And I’m sure most of you watched the racist Grammys last night, hoping and praying your faves will get that white validation. Woke my a-s.

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