Masika Kalysha & Misster Ray Taunt Alexis Skyy After Strip Club Appearance

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

On the latest season of “Love and Hip Hop Hollywood,” Alexis Skyy came to the show to confront Masika Kalysha about her ex Fetty Wap.

Alexis claimed that Masika got knocked up by Fetty while he was with her.

Although it’s been rumored Masika won’t be returning to the show, that doesn’t mean she still doesn’t have some shade ready to throw at her nemesis.

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  1. Now see this is why Ray got his a-s whooped at the reunion. He likes to talk sh-t about everyone but plays victim when someone punches his a-s. And Masika needs to stop obsessing over Alexis. Masika ain’t even on the show no damn more.

  2. This was so unnecessary….If THEY were booked and busy they wouldn’t have time to shade no one and ensure they still getting their own coins.

  3. Umm wasn’t Masika arrested for prostitution? She definitely can’t shade strippers/strip clubs.

  4. Sigh…see this is the issue I have with Ray. He’s very messy and never prepares for the consequences that can come with that. He only doesn’t like Alexis because Masika doesn’t. Very childish.

  5. Ray and Masika need to make better use of their time. Both of them spend too much time trying to shade people on Twitter all day long. You can’t be booked and busy if you have that much time to waste everyday.

  6. When Masika isn’t arguing with random people on Twitter everyday, she’s shading Alexis. Yep. So booked and busy. Mess.

  7. So are they going to sit back and comment on everything Alexis does? If so, Masika should just do another season of LHHH. At least she will get paid for the pettiness.

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