‘Black Ink’ Recap: Moe & Alex Come to Blows + Moe Goes All the Way off on Donna

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By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

On last night’s episode of “Black Ink Crew,” things got real between Donna and Moe.

After Moe see the bathroom video featuring Donna and Alex, this sets him off.

He ends up coming to blows with Alex during the group’s Miami trip, and then goes off on Donna.

Moe says some really hurtful things to Donna, leaving the rest of the group speechless.

Here’s a recap of “Dirty Donna.”

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  1. Okay I think I understand what Moe is trying to say. Yes he and Donna were broken up at the time, but the day Donna slept with Alex in the bathroom, hours later she slept with Moe. He probably thought they were going to get back together until he saw the video.

    1. I think this is what happened as well but Donna just keeps saying she was single. if you’re going to sleep with two men at the same time, at least keep it honest and tell them what you’re doing. He probably would not have known if that video didn’t spread like crazy.

  2. Donna got dragged. But he said nothing but facts. She’s been thotting and bopping since her first season. He should have known better.

  3. Donna deserves every facts he was saying too her… Dirty Donna yes he was pissed and in his feelings. But hell he cared about willing too wife her up even tho she’s very slutty

  4. When Moe was going in, a lot of them like Teddy, Sky and Cease were looking like they agreed with a lot of what Moe was saying.

  5. Although everything moe said may have been facts, why didn’t anyone speak up for Donna? They supposed to be this happy family yet not one man stepped forward and told her ex to fall back and relax. Clearly the love isn’t that strong

    1. They didn’t speak up for Sky either when her baby daddy came and called her out. Well actually the only ones who said anything were Bae and Walt. And neither one of them went to Miami. Cease and Teddy are cowards tbh.

    2. they knew moe was telling the truth donna is dirty ay n head community p-ssy she f-cked majority of the people from black inc and whomever else for a come up!! then she always over acting and playing the victim smh she a ho!!

  6. Sorry, Donna deserved that dragging and some. The fact that Kitty said he was too harsh annoyed me. That dude held Donna down when she lost that baby. He even let her move in with him and cared for her despite the rep she had. Then when he thinks they may get back together, he sees her spreading it wide for some lame who calls himself the Vag slayer in a public bathroom.

  7. I was not expecting Moe to go off the way he did. Donna was wrong, there’s no denying that. I just feel Moe should have handled it better.

    1. Sis Donna should have handled things better as well. She’s messy and deserved that dragging.

  8. I mean Donna is a thot though. Is no one supposed to acknowledge that? Where homeboy messed up was having an actual serious relationship with her. She’s better suited for someone like Alex because Alex is a proud thot too.

  9. Donna needs therapy. Her need to sleep with just about anybody willing isn’t healthy. And getting with Alex is a mistake because he’s the male version of her. They both need therapy.

  10. Moe was fed up. He thought Donna would do right because he did right by her. But that’s not how it works. You have to be mindful of someone’s character before you consider getting into a relationship.

  11. Donna’s a-s got dragged. She tried to act like she was unbothered but I know she felt that sh-t. And Teddy looked like he was trying not to laugh. A lot of them agree with what Moe said. Let’s just keep it real. They know how Donna gets down.

  12. He told no lies point blank period. He is hurt and has every reason to be yea he should have known better with Donna but she has to be held accountable. If you want to ho around and you are single then do you but acting like you committed to someone and still hoing around is foul and he called her on it.

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