Did Nicki Minaj Get A Writer Fired?

Did Nicki Minaj have a writer fired from her job?

Apparently, Nicki Minaj has not been taking public criticisms lately as she’s preparing her upcoming album, “Queen.” Recently, Nicki came across critiques from a writer on Twitter. This incited a response from Nicki. The writer feels that Nicki needed to putting out mature content.

She wants Nicki to stop putting out “silly s***,” because she’s almost forty years old.

Not long after the post was made, Nicki caught wind of it. And boy, Nick Minaj was apparently pissed. Apparently, Nicki Minaj replied to the writer via DM.

In the DM, Nicki did not like her age being put on blast. She also didn’t like how the writer called out her lyrical and writing abilities. Lastly, Nicki told the writer that she’s just jealous of her because Nicki’s “rich, famous, intelligent, pretty and go.”

Check out the exchange below.

After the exchange went public, the writer made it public that she lost her job. Apparently, she wrote for Karen Civil’s website. She claims Nicki pulled strings behind the scenes at her job, and had Karen remove her from her writing position.

Fans of Nicki are denying this and claim she was fired by superiors for not adhering to rules regarding behavior on social media while being employed by the site.

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