RHOP Recap: Gizelle Gives Monique a Warning + Monique Exposes Charrisse

Candiace and Monique drag Karen away from Gizelle.

After Gizelle says Ray has a crush on her business partner, Erika Liles, Karen says that Gizelle is lying and is the last one that needs to speak on anyone’s relationship. 

In a green screen interview, Gizelle says Karen shading her for having business partners means Karen is trying to suggest Every Hue Beauty is not successful because of her. 

Regardless, everyone besides Robyn and Gizelle head to the essential oils place per Monique’s schedule. 

Since Robyn arrives to the hotel lobby late, Robyn and Gizelle decide to do their own thing and grab a bite to eat.

In a green screen interview, Robyn says she’s glad to be back in France. She came with Juan before their financial problems. 

The rest of the ladies arrive to an essential oils distillery. 

While eating on the beach, Gizelle gives Robyn a rundown on what happened with Karen.

She says she didn’t like that no one else really wanted to wait on Robyn, who was late. Gizelle said she was surprised that Charrisse didn’t want to wait either. Robyn calls Charrisse a flip flopper. 

Robyn and Gizelle meet back up with the rest of the group.

Back at the essential oils distillery, Monique asks why Ashley didn’t join Robyn and Gizelle. Ashley says she was invited, but chose not to go with them. Monique wonders if Ashley is a spy for the green-eyed bandits. 

Gizelle and Robyn head to Grasse. 

Hours later, Gizelle still isn’t sure why Karen got upset with her when she asked how Karen’s perfume line was coming along.

Before getting to Grasse, Robyn and Gizelle get a few sweet treats.

The others are also heading to Grasse and appear to be getting along well. They run into Robyn and Gizelle. Monique tells them the essential oils tour went great. 

Everyone disagrees when Gizelle says that everyone wanted to leave Robyn except her. In a green screen interview, Gizelle admits she only said that because she wanted to hang out with Robyn by herself. She also plans to confront Karen again, later. 

The ladies stop by a coffee shop.

They take some pictures together before arriving to Grasse.

The owner shows Karen how to make perfumes with a machine. Karen gets agitated when everyone tells her she should buy the machine for her line. 

She says she is going to outsource that part of the process. 

In a green screen interview, Gizelle says she’s only trying to help Karen with her perfume line now that she’s having success with her own business. 

Later on, the ladies go out for dinner. 

Monique exposes Charrisse. 

Candiace says that Chris looks like a rodent without his beard. She says it’s okay to say this because Chris calls her a chipmunk. 

“I don’t like being called a chipmunk either.” – Candiace 

In a green screen interview, Candiace says she misses Chris and they aren’t apart much.

Karen and Gizelle hash it out. Karen says she’s happy for Gizelle’s success. But Gizelle says that Karen is always defensive when it comes to Every Hue Beauty. 

Gizelle then points out that Karen doesn’t have on her wedding ring. 

“This is cause for pause.” – Gizelle

Ashley says that something has to be up and Karen lies all the time. Karen says Ashley is cute because she’s “irritating as f*ck.”

Karen then tells Ashley to keep Ray’s name out of her mouth. 

“He says he’s packing up and moving to Florida rather Karen comes or not.” – Ashley 

“Ray and I are fine.” – Karen 

Regardless, Karen says she apologizes for how she came at Gizelle. They decide to drop it. 

Ashley then brings up Charrisse and Monique’s recent bump in friendship. 

She says that Charrisse said that Gizelle had a point about Monique using her for contacts.

Gizelle then says that Charrisse did say that. 

Robyn says Charrisse told her that too. 

“She didn’t object?” – Monique 

Charrisse then says that Ashley is just being messy and Ashley says she’s just being honest. 

Monique gets annoyed and says that she has her own contacts and doesn’t even use Charrisse’s network of people. In a green screen interview, Monique says she’s shocked to hear this. 

Robyn asks Monique why she brought Kyndall to the gala. She feels she was just trying to get under Gizelle’s skin. 

“I just want you to own the fact that you brought Kyndall around to get at Gizelle.” – Robyn

Monique says that the truth is that Charrisse wanted to bring Kyndall around. 

Gizelle is surprised by this because she thought she and Charrisse were in a better place after the fireman situation. 

Charrisse says that she invited Kyndall to the hurricane event because she thought it would be “interesting.” 

But Gizelle ended up not staying long and Kyndall didn’t show up anyway. She doesn’t want to say she is the one who gave Monique the baton. 

In a green screen interview, Gizelle says Monique still isn’t off the hook for inviting Kyndall to the gala. 

Candiace then confronts Monique and Gizelle for laughing at her when she told them that Chris sometimes doesn’t feel like he gets enough attention because she’s more successful.

Monique starts laughing again and says Candiace was talking like she was famous.

But she apologizes anyway and says she didn’t mean to offend. Candiace forgives her. 

After they leave the restaurant, Ashley admits that she gets on Karen about not being honest because it bothers her how much of a closed book Karen is. 

The next day, Robyn gets a FaceTime call from Juan and her sons. 

In a green screen interview, Ashley wonders if she will ever become a mother. 

Karen gets honest and Candiace breaks down. 

Candiace and Karen go out for a little tea. 

Karen gets Candiace to open up and she admits that she doesn’t like that the group doesn’t take her seriously when she talks about her life and relationship. 

But Karen reminds Candiace that she warned her to keep her business to herself. 

“I saw it coming. But you didn’t listen and you don’t have to.” – Karen

They discuss Monique and Gizelle laughing at her. Karen tells her to lead the conversations and have more control over the dialogue. 

Meanwhile, Robyn and Ashley laugh and say that Candiace’s issues in life with Chris just aren’t that serious to them. They know relationship problems can be much worse. 

Charrisse joins the conversation and tells Candiace that she brags about herself a lot.

Karen does an impersonation of Candiace and says she brags too much.

Robyn admits to Ashley that she grew up similar to Candiace. But she would never look at her “blessings” as an issue. So she has a hard time feeling bad for Candiace. 

Back at the table, Candiace cries and has to be consoled by Charrisse and Karen. She admits in a green screen interview that she feels abandoned by Ashley and Monique. 

“I don’t like feeling like I have to prove myself to anyone.” – Candiace

Charrisse hugs her and Karen tells her everything will work out and to just give things time.

Gizelle confronts Monique. 

Monique calls Gizelle over to her suite the next morning. 

They sit out on her patio to talk. 

She tells Gizelle that Charrisse is her girl so she went along with Kyndall coming around. But Gizelle isn’t letting her off the hook.

“And you also spearheaded some things.” – Gizelle

Monique says she only invited Kyndall to the gala because she thought Charrisse wanted her to be there.

But Monique says she’s not the one who initially wanted Kyndall around. But Gizelle says Monique is only backtracking because she realizes how bad it made her look. Monique says she could have invited Kyndall to France if she wanted to be messy.

In a green screen interview, Monique says Gizelle is always going to look for a reason to not like her. She still feels that Charrisse has more responsibility when it comes to the Kyndall situation. 

Regardless, Gizelle refuses to let Monique off easy. 

“So basically, you tried to take a shot and you missed. If I take a shot, I don’t miss. I’m like a ninja waiting in the cut for just the right moment to blow your face off.” – Gizelle

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