LHHATL Recap: Spice Calls Everyone out for Being Scared of Tommie + Doesn’t Back Down

Spice and Tommie continue their argument over who has the better music career. 

After Spice tells Tommie that she can’t beat her up, Tommie tries to run up on her and gets restrained by security. 

Tommie demands respect and Spice says that she doesn’t even respect her own mother. She also says that no one else has the courage to tell Tommie the truth to her face but she’s not afraid to. 

“All them friend, they can’t tell her the truth, but Tommie problem is nobody is willing to come up to her and tell her the truth. Everybody fake her. That’s the problem. So when somebody come who is willing to tell her the truth to her face, she have a problem with it. And that’s the problem between me and her.” – Spice

Nina then gets Spice to say what her breaking point was with Tommie. She’s points out Tommie showing up late and drunk to the music video shoot was disrespectful. That’s when Tommie tells Spice she should be ashamed for coming on “Love & Hip Hop” when she supposed to be a huge star in Jamaica. 

“Pop star Spice, what you doing on ‘Love and Hip Hop’, bae?” – Tommie

“What you doing on this?” – Spice

“I’m doing real good, baby. That’s what I’m doing with it. I wasn’t no pop star from Jamaica and came on ‘Love and Hip Hop’ in America. That’s a fact. ” – Tommie 

“Oh please. You’ve been on it for years now. Where your independence at though?” – Spice 

After realizing the conversation isn’t going anywhere, Tommie then says that she doesn’t like that Spice is saying things that can ruin her reputation as an artist. 

The assault of a producer by Tommie is then brought up. 

She says that it angers her when people tell her that she has a drinking problem. She claims she hasn’t had a drink in a month. 

“I’m trying to grow.” – Tommie 

Tommie’s mom Samantha then is brought into the fold to talk about Tommie’s rocky relationship with her sister Versace. Tommie then breaks down in tears and says she feels bad about clashing with her mother on TV. But they are in a better place now. 

She’s also in a better place with Versace. 

Samantha says that she went to the doctor after attending Coachella after experiencing a lot of pain. But she believes it was just caused by stress. 

Sierra and Shooter discuss the end of their marriage. 

Shooter says he’s still grieving his son’s death. Sierra says she feels like he pushed her away while he grieved. But Shooter says she wasn’t all that supportive, just a phone call here and there. 

But Sierra just wanted to give him the proper space. 

Keely says that Sierra was not around and she was dating while they were still married. But Sierra says that Shooter cheated on her throughout their marriage. So her dating other people during their separation wasn’t wrong. 

Sierra and Keely discuss their altercation. Keely says Sierra was wrong to make things violent first. But Sierra feels like Keely instigated things and should have minded her business regarding Shooter’s marriage. 

Nina moves on to Sierra’s relationship with BK. 

Karlie says that she should have told Sierra about BK cheating in another way. 

BK says Joy was always as side piece and Amber lied because they don’t sleep together every time they see each other. 

Sierra says she’s not going to tolerate cheating, so BK needs to get it together before she moves on. 

Producers show a deleted scene of BK getting ready to sleep with his artist Joy. He claims he was single at that point. Sierra says that she can’t be mad because her divorce wasn’t final then. She will see where things go with BK now that she’s officially single now. 

Tokyo and Tabius discuss their relationship, Tokyo embarrasses Keely. 

Tokyo defends being a v*rgin. She said that sleeping with a man won’t stop him from cheating. So she will move when she’s ready. Tabius says he won’t pressure her into sleeping with him.

As far as Karlie is concerned, Tabius says that he met her at her video shoot. They only went out once. 

Keely says that Tabius was her artist for ten years. But Tokyo feels like Keely’s role wasn’t that big. When Tokyo asks Tabius if Keely was the person who made sure artists got to the airport on time, he says she was. Keely doesn’t appreciate this dig. 

She then says Tabius is a liar after he stresses that he was Keely and Blue’s artist. 

“You too. You haven’t broke an artist yet…I never heard of you…I’m just saying you’re A&R but I haven’t seen you A or R.” – Tokyo

Keely then defends telling people that Karlie said she slept with Tabius. Karlie says she believes Keely embellished the story to be messy and cause drama. 

They change the subject to Spice’s comments about Tokyo’s weight. 

Spice says she shaded Tokyo’s weight because there’s no such thing as body shaming in Jamaica. 

Tokyo isn’t buying this but she accepts Spice’s apology because she realizes Spice is a good person.

They also discuss the group trip to Houston.

Spice discusses her clash with Sierra. She felt Sierra played both sides a bit in Spice’s fallout with Tokyo. But they have since moved on. 

Estelita and Sierra agree that their beef was just a misunderstanding. They have also moved on. 

BK says he was just trying to protect Sierra and has no true issue with Estelita. Everyone has pretty much ended their beefs. 

Bleu and Keely are still in a better place.

K Botchey says he’s not afraid of Bleu and he just thought it was disrespectful that Keely didn’t tell him who her baby father is. 

Regardless, Bleu says that he and Keely are co-parenting peacefully now. 

Momma Dee comes on the stage and discusses Bambi’s pregnancy. 

She doesn’t regret telling the beans because she says Bambi would have taken forever to tell people. 

What are your thoughts on the season? 

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