Lyrica Anderson Says K. Michelle is Using Her for a Storyline on LHHH

During Monday’s season 5 premiere of LHHH, Lyrica Anderson was blindsided by K. Michelle and her allegations of being late to her performance.

Lyrica expressed surprise and anger when she claimed K came out of nowhere with her allegations. This, and her accusation of Lyrica trying to sleep with Safaree led to some potentially classic scenes between K. Michelle, Lyrica and A1.

Of course, Lyrica denies all of these allegations.

Apparently, the performance occurred this past December. After Lyrica opened for K. Michelle, K tweeted out that she loved Lyrica’s performance.

She also didn’t mention anything of Lyrica being late on Twitter. Lyrica shared the post from K. Michelle and stood firm on her claim that K. Michelle is just trying to pick a fight for the cameras.

Check out the tweet below.

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