Toya Bush Harris Thinks Quad Webb-Lunceford is a Hypocrite

toya bush harris married to medicine
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Quad Webb-Lunceford has been going through a very nasty and public divorce from Dr. G.

She has accused him of cheating on her, and the alleged mistress even did an interview recently in which she stated that she and Gregory has “oral relations.”

Things have been just as messy in court, but Quad’s commitment to being around much less amid the drama hasn’t sat well with the rest of the cast.

Dr. Simone thinks it’s messed up that she and Dr. Jackie were very open about their strained marriages on the previous season.

As for Quad, she feels that if the women are her real friends, they shouldn’t be upset with her for not wanting to open up about her situation with Gregory.

In fact, she feels like she’s been getting “ambushed” by the other women.

Toya Bush Harris noticed Quad’s tweets and responded. She even retweeted a tweet that called Quad out for being hypocritical.

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