Braxton Family Values Season 6 Episode 15 Recap: Hot Bed of Crazy
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‘Braxton Family Values’ Recap: Evelyn & Iyanla Clash, Tamar Shows Out

Braxton Family Values Season 6 Hot Bed of Crazy

Photo Credit: WE tv

Evelyn’s against having Iyanla try to fix their lives.

The season finale opens with Tamar showing up for another sit-down with Towanda. Towanda managed to get everyone, even Tamar, to agree to meet with Iyanla.

When they meet, Towanda tells Tamar has to fill-out a questionnaire before they meet with Iyanla. Towanda volunteers to fill out the paperwork.

While filling out the questionnaire, Towanda asks her who she feels betrayed her, and Tamar says everybody. However, she tells Towanda to highlight her and Traci. Tamar also says she is the black sheep of the family and she’s looking for redemption. 

Meanwhile, Trina hangs out with Evelyn to prep and relax for the counseling session with Iyanla. Trina wants everyone to be focused, however, Evelyn isn’t convinced this isn’t going to work.

“I respect Iyanla but she can’t fix my life; I gotta fix my life.” – Evelyn

She brings up how previous counseling sessions didn’t work, and Iyanla isn’t going to do anything to change it. 

Traci and Michael Sr also meet before the counseling session. Traci’s anxious seeing her sisters since breaking the boycott. Michael tells her that everyone has to grow up. 

The sisters’ sit-down begins with major side-eyes.

Eventually, all of them make it to Iyanla’s compound. Evelyn arrive with Towanda and Trina. Trina points out that her last sit-down with Iyanla didn’t go well in her opinion. They all arrive inside and see they have assigned seats. 

Evelyn sits on the edge of the circle next to Trina. Tamar and Toni arrive next and Tamar isn’t feeling. However, Toni’s optimistic and is ready to heal. 

Tamar’s ready for a war. Once inside, Tamar sits between Towanda and Trina. Toni’s on the other side. 

Towanda points out how Tamar is doing the most, trying to get most of their attention. She points out how Traci allegedly lied about inviting everyone to the christening. Speaking of Traci, she arrives with Michael Sr. 

Tamar has a look of disgust on her face when Traci walks in. Traci and Michael sit next to Toni. Michael and Evelyn were able to exchange pleasantries. Toni calls Tamar out when Tamar pulls out her phone. 

She tells Tamar to put the phone away, and Tamar murmurs Toni isn’t the leader of their bunch. 

Eventually, Iyanla arrives and hugs everyone. She begins their session with a prayer. Afterwards, she asks everyone, “Why am I here.” 

“Because we need help.” – Toni

It’s pointed out by Toni that their relationship is breaking down once more after they began to rebuild their relationship. Evelyn openly says she doesn’t know why she’s even there.

No one’s in agreement of what they need to do to fix their relationships or what their goal is. 

The “elephant in the room” is pointed out when Tamar says she’s hurt and she’s here for the truth to be revealed, because there are many made up stories about her. 

Traci makes a face and also says she doesn’t know why she’s there. 

Iyanla points out Traci’s wearing her pain on her face and is resistant to her. 

“I think I’m here because this is a hot bed of crazy.” – Iyanla

The sisters are asked about their lives together before the reality show, as kids. Towanda says they had fun together and sang all the time. Even Traci says they had fun. Things changed, according to Towanda, when Traci couldn’t sign a recording contract due to getting pregnant. 

Iyanla asks if it still hurts, and Traci says no. However, Traci says she feels disrespected by Tamar. Of course, Tamar side-eyes this. 

Evelyn and Iyanla clash over rules of engagement.

Next, Iyanla passes out rules of engagement to the women, which includes a rule of staying until the very end of their process. Towanda’s glad she said this, because her sisters, and Evelyn leave out of things like this. 

However, Evelyn’s non-committal to it, which leads to a back and forth together. 

“We’ve been to too many places. I’m tired.” – Evelyn

Iyanla asks how they feel about Evelyn not agreeing to staying. Traci says it disappoints her. Iyanla points out that what’s she saying removes her responsibility from herself. 

She then points out that their issues stem from the trauma caused by Evelyn and Michael. 

“They need to know you’re not going to abandon them.” – Iyanla

“Stop already with me.” – Evelyn

“Mrs. Evelyn, you gotta be in or out.” – Iyanla

The two continue to go back and forth on this, but Evelyn still holds strong. She’s tired of taking blame for her daughter’s actions. 

Later on, Toni tells Iyanla she wishes Tamar would not be so expressive and animated to express herself, as this looks like it’s just for show.

Towanda brings up how it was announced to them Evelyn and Michael were divorcing. As they cried, Toni told them they weren’t divorcing. Iyanla points out she was lying. Tamar says when you tell them the truth, things break down. Evelyn says they didn’t get that behavior from them. 

“I am a communicator.” – Evelyn

Iyanla tells Evelyn she needs to give them permission to tell the truth how they experienced her telling the truth. In her interview, Iyanla says she wasn’t trying to call out Evelyn, just wanted to point out how they fail to tell one another the truth. 

Trina says she doesn’t get honest because she’s afraid to make Evelyn angry. 

Next, Iyanla asks them what Braxton family values stands for. Michael brings up how they don’t reveal what goes on in the house and Iyanla calls this keep secrets. 

Tamar and Toni point out they aren’t violent towards one another. Iyanla asks who violated these values, and Toni raises her hand. She says they all violated these values. 

Iyanla points out that they didn’t develop their values individually. 

Eventually, Iyanla calls it a day and Evelyn’s really happy about it. She reluctantly hugs Iyanla.

Iyanla goes off after almost everyone shows up extremely late.

The next day, things go downhill. A breakfast that was planned didn’t occur. Michael was there, but most of them didn’t show up until after 2:30 PM. Iyanla called it an example of failed commitments. 

Eventually, Tamar showed up at 3:45 PM. This infuriated Iyanla. She points out how Tamar showed up extremely late, and called all of them out. 

Trina says this corroborates how she, Traci and Towanda feel about them picking up Tamar and Toni’s slack. As Iyanla goes off, Tamar makes faces and talks back. 

Suddenly, Tamar gets up and tries to walk off.

“This is why I don’t do WE tv!” – Tamar

At the end, Iyanla says she’s not dealing with this and she walks off, saying she will be there tomorrow. 

“They’ve totally vexed my spirit. I’m out.” – Iyanla

Of course, Toni says she’s totally confused by everything, as she was trying to handle business outside of the show. 

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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  1. Anonymous

    September 28, 2018 at 10:41 am

    Evelyn is one of the biggest issues this family has. Her stubbornness affects them all.

  2. Queen

    September 28, 2018 at 10:46 am

    There’s nothing Iyanla can do for this family. What a waste of time.

  3. Nessa

    September 28, 2018 at 11:44 am

    All the neck rolling Tamar was doing was so unnecessary. And how can she be so delusional about how Traci feels? She told Traci she was dead to her and called her a traitor over that boycott. How did she expect Traci to feel after that?

  4. deb

    September 30, 2018 at 6:38 pm

    They may as well accept the fact that just because they’re sister’s they won’t all get along. Share what you have with who accepts you & keep it moving. Traci should have told them she was to broke to boycott instead of being fake & then sabotaging the whole thing including her relationship with her sisters. All f them get on my nerves, I know I’ve got 3 of them. it can be difficult.

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