Dr. Simone Can’t Wait to Call Quad out at the Reunion over Shady Tweets

quad and dr simone
Photo Credit: OK! Magazine

Quad Webb-Lunceford has not been happy about how a few of the women have interacted with her since her split from Dr. Gregory Lunceford.

She hasn’t been around the group as much and it has made Dr. Simone, Toya and Dr. Heavenly question their friendships with Quad.

Another big issue is although Quad stated that sometimes she prefers to deal with her problems alone, she has been discussing her marriage problems with her co-hosts on “Sister Circle.”

The women of “Sister Circle” tend to think Dr. Simone and others are being petty. Quad agrees and has been slamming Simone on Twitter.

So in a recent interview with OK! Magazine, Simone made it clear that she can’t wait to call Quad out at the reunion:

I cannot wait for reunion because I am gonna set the record straight with Quadria Monique Webb-Lunceford. Yes, I am.

Apparently Simone does not appreciate what Quad has been tweeting about her.

Are you looking forward to the reunion?

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