‘Black Ink Crew’ Recap: Alex Goes off on Donna + Jadah Comes to Blows with New Receptionist

black ink crew season-7 episode 6
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A possible new receptionist arrives.

Young Bae is hoping cooking out on the grill will make things better with Cease.

As she struggles to cook hotdogs and hamburger patties, Cease is still upset that she let Richard and Puma back in the shop.

So Bae steps it up and takes Cease to a surprise gifted in a huge gift box.

A woman pops out the box.

“Surprise, b*tches.” – Tokie

Bae says that Tokie is Jadah’s replacement. Cease is annoyed by this. Regardless, he asks her about her background. She’s wants to be a tattoo apprentice. She’s not an actual tattoo artist and currently a body painter.

But she’s hoping she can be hired as a receptionist to get her foot in the door.

She hands over a portfolio of her drawings. Cease is actually impressed.

In a green screen interview, Cease says the Herb incident has him hesitant. But Tokie says that she can prove herself when a client comes by the next day.

Donna and Alex fall out.

Alex stops by Donna’s place to talk.

He’s somewhat cold towards her as she tells him she’s tired from last night.

Apparently Donna had a girls night out and had too much fun. Alex reminds her that she was supposed to come by the hotel to show support as his father got surgery.

She apologizes and asks if his dad is okay now, which Alex confirms he is.

“So you ain’t see my text?” – Alex

At this point, Donna says she was too drunk to have seen the text and Alex tells her she was supposed to be there for him.

“That means I’m not on your mind.” – Alex

But Donna says her forgetting to come to the hospital doesn’t mean she doesn’t care. However, Alex is over it and tells her he needs time to think about things.

He leaves her apartment.

Cease catches up with his daughter Cheyenne.

She gets annoyed when Cease asks her if she wants ice cream and she tells him that she’s been lactose intolerant since she was born.

Noticing that she’s being short with him, she tells him he hasn’t been around much. He missed her festival in which her movie won an award.

Realizing she’s hurt, Cease apologizes and he says he’s building his empire to benefit her.

There’s a dance coming up at school and she doesn’t have a date. She’s really frustrated about a lot of things.

In a green screen interview, Cease knows he has to do better. So he promises he’s going to be around a lot more.

They pinky swear and hug to this.

Things fall apart for Tokie.

Tokie’s client comes by the shop.

Since Tokie wants to be an apprentice in addition to a receptionist, Cease gives her two hours to impress him.

Her client wants Asian inspired work. In a green screen interview, she says she was s*xually assaulted by three men when she was 16 years old. One of the guys lured her to the car because he was a friend of her brother’s.

The topless client is happy with the body art but Cease and the others are not. Cease says in a green screen interview that he’s confused as to why Tokie would use body paint to prove herself as an apprentice.

At this moment, Tokie becomes sensitive to the criticism.

She heads back to the shop and cries.

Young Bae tells her to toughen up because tears don’t work at Black Ink. Bae tells her to try again tomorrow or just don’t come back at all.

Cease throws a Panda themed party for Desiigner.

He arrives and everyone starts dancing while drinking.

Tokie returns to the shop as well and apologizes to Cease. She realizes she was being too sensitive. She’s going to focus on being an amazing receptionist for now. But she hopes to become a tattoo artist down the line. Cease is impressed by her honest words and hires her as the new receptionist.

Right after, he tells all the party guests that Tokie is the new receptionist.

Outside, Donna tells Kitty and Sky about her clash with Alex. She also tells them that Moe texted her. He wants to get his stuff at the apartment and talk about what went down between them.

Kitty doesn’t think this is a good idea. She feels Moe is too explosive.

Donna is torn. She wants to cut him off completely but she also wants to hear him out too. Closure would be good for the both of them.

They then discuss Jadah. Donna invited her to the party but things are going to go left with Tokie being there.

Back inside the party, Teddy and Tati flirt.

While Tati likes Teddy, she tells him the she doesn’t want any drama with Sky. Teddy scoffs at this and says Sky won’t be an issue.

Alex walks in the party and doesn’t speak to Donna.

Tokie and Jadah come to blows.

Jadah arrives to the party.

Donna immediately tells Jadah that Tokie was hired to be the new receptionist.

Bae thinks this was messy for Donna to do.

Tokie introduces herself to Jadah and Jadah isn’t happy. But Teddy and Cease question why Jadah is even here. She starts arguing with Cease and Teddy.

After Jadah calls Tokie a hobbit, they exchange insults.

Not too long after, Jadah hits Tokie in the face. A scuffle ensues and security restrains them.

“Just to let y’all know, if anyone touches me, you’re going to jail.” – Sky

Cease shows up to Crystal’s place to escort his daughter Cheyenne to her 8th grade prom.

He hands her a corsage.

His daughter is happy to see him.

They all take pictures together. Of course, he surprises her with a limo. After promising not to embarrass his daughter at the prom with bad dancing, Cease hops in the limo to head to the prom.

Donna gets stood up by Moe.

After waiting for over an hour, she gets frustrated.

He doesn’t return her text messages. So she finally calls and leaves a voicemail.

In a green screen interview, Donna says she feels very disrespected. She calls once more and he picks up. As soon as she asks him why he’s not there, he goes off on her.

“Bum a*s b*tch! Stop playing with me!” – Moe

Moe then hangs up in her face and Donna decides to dump his things over the balcony.

Tati meets with Sky at a bar to come clean about Teddy.

In a green screen interview, Tati says she’s afraid of what Sky’s reaction may be. But she finally admits to Sky that she and Teddy has feelings for one another.

Sky doesn’t say anything for a few minutes.

Then she finally tells Tati that she can have Teddy because she doesn’t like Teddy like that.

Now that she has Sky’s blessings, Tati is ready to see what the future holds with Teddy.

Jadah returns to the shop like nothing happened.

She sits in the receptionist seat and this confuses everyone.

In a green screen interview, she says that she’s going to be persistent like Donna was all the times she was fired.

Teddy then tells her to leave and Jadah says she’s pregnant so she can’t be fired.

Tokie enters the shop and they start shading each other.

Donna questions how Cease could fire Jadah. Irritated with how everyone is acting towards her, Jadah then walks out the shop.

Minutes later, Alex enter the shop. He doesn’t speak to Donna.

Sky then tries to whisper and ask Donna if she told Alex about what happened with Moe.

Alex overhears this and asks Donna what Sky is talking about.

“Are you f*cking Moe?” – Alex

In a green screen interview, Alex says it’s hard to trust Donna because they hooked up before things were over with Moe.

Even though Donna tries to explain that nothing happened with Moe, Alex feels like he can’t trust her because she didn’t tell him before Sky said anything.

He now questions if she didn’t go to the hospital because she was with Moe.

Outraged, Alex pushes Donna away and storms out the shop.

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