Bambi Calls out Erica Dixon

Photo Credit: Instagram

Bambi has had enough of the backlash.

After the latest episode of LHHATL, people are calling out her and Scrappy.

Both Bambi and Scrappy have admitted that they don’t talk to Erica.

They feel like not talking to her cuts out the drama in their lives.

However, Momma Dee doesn’t think this is a good approach to take.

So she has been trying to get the three adults to actually talk.

Erica said she isn’t against all of them talking. But Bambi and Scrappy shot this down.

And when Emani told Scrappy she wants all of her parents at her 14th birthday party, Scrappy felt the pressure.

Viewers feel like the entire situation is childish and despicable.

After some started going in on Bambi, she decided to defend herself.

Check out the screenshots below.

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