LHHH Recap: Lyrica Blows up on A1 Amid Cheating Rumors + Apryl Confronts Moniece

LHHH Season 6 Episode 1
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So How Did They Get Here?

The episode opens with Apryl and Fizz finally admitting they are in a romantic relationship.

They make the announcement on social media. As things get hot and steamy between them, producers flashforward to Moniece going off in a parking lot.

She is furious and claims Fizz has disrespected her for six years.

“I’m losing it. I’m unraveling.” – Moniece

There are many moments that led to this one. And producers will take viewers to the beginning.

A1 is forced to be honest with Lyrica.

Lyrica and A1 are still in a rocky place. After renewing their vows, they became parents to their son Ocean. But the rumors haven’t let up.

In fact, one rumor is about to change things.

Blogger Jason Lee meets with A1 and tells him he was contacted by Summer Bunni.

And Summer Bunni claims A1 cheated on Lyrica with her.

She gave Jason footage of A1 on a FaceTime call with her.

Jason is ready to drop the story on Hollywood Unlocked, the blog and radio show he works for.

A1 admits he was in contact with Summer earlier while things were at their worse with Lyrica.

When Jason asks if Lyrica was pregnant at the time, A1 gets irritated.

Jason will give A1 some time to talk to Lyrica before he breaks the story. A1 is heated and makes a threat to Jason before leaving.

Apryl has had enough of Moniece.

Jason Lee welcomes Apryl to Hollywood Unlocked.

She’s joined as a co-host on the radio show.

Although things are going great career-wise for Apryl, her personal life is a bit scandalous.

Apryl has gotten really close to Fizz after her nasty breakup with Omarion.

While she says they are just friends, Moniece has said otherwise on social media.

After Fizz and Apryl took the kids to Chicago, Moniece put them on blast on Instagram.

This angered Apryl and words were exchanged.

Apryl is furious that Moniece said Apryl has slept with men to pay her rent.

So she wants to confront Moniece. And she’s ready to get violent if need be.

Lyrica and A1 clash.

A1 isn’t in a rush to tell Lyrica about Summer Bunni.

After she returns from a business trip, things are testy back at home.

Lyrica feels like A1 is always downplaying her music career.

She blows up after A1 tells her she should “get some meetings” if she wants to be on his level.

Lyrica also tells A1 that she’s been hearing a lot of rumors about him.

Fed up with his antics, Lyrica tells him she’s going to Atlanta to have meetings. And she’s just about over the marriage.

Later on, she hears about Summer Bunni.

She calls A1 to ask him about it and they argue.

With A1 out of town touring, Lyrica is ready to move out. Divorce is on the table.


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Apryl confronts Moniece.

After Moniece’s comments on Instagram, Apryl decides to meet her and talk.

Both women agree that Moniece’s comments were upsetting.

But Moniece says that Fizz makes her out to be a crazy baby momma. And she’s sick of it.

Apryl accuses Moniece of playing the victim and wanting the public to think she’s sweet when she’s not.

Moniece snaps and screams no one can tell her anything about Lil Fizz.

The episode ends on a cliffhanger. What are your thoughts on the season premiere?

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