'Married to Medicine LA' Recap: Imani & Britten Get Real About Their Marriages


‘Married to Medicine LA’ Recap: Imani & Britten Get Real About Their Marriages

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A tearful Imani breaks the news.

Imani tells the women that she and Phil are separated. And they are getting a divorce. It’s been three weeks since they came to the conclusion to end the marriage. She gets emotional and says that she wanted someone to protect her and help her raise her son Idris. While she got those things, in the end, the marriage just didn’t work out.

Everyone is shocked to hear this besides Britten who Imani told prior.

Imani feels like she and Phil just grew apart. But all the women show support and let her know they are here to help her get through this. So Imani suggests that they have a girls getaway to help her feel better. And Jazmin gives Imani a hug, while Britten says that sometimes a divorce is a good thing.

Idris reacts.

Later on, Imani talks to Idris about the divorce. He says it’s not affecting him at school but it’s definitely a mood killer. But he will let Imani know if he wants to talk about things. For now, he wants to make sure Imani is okay. She says she’s sad but they will still be a family. And Phil will come back to visit from time to time because he’s so close to Idris.

A Shaman arrives.

The women head to Palm Springs. While on the bus, they enjoy the edibles kicking in. And when they get to their rental, it doesn’t take long for them to intensely claim their rooms.

Imani has a Shaman come to the house to cleanse the energy. She wants to make sure the trip remains a positive one. And the Shaman takes time to suck negative energy out of Imani.

Britten and Imani discuss their marriages.

They also have dinner prepared by a black cowboy chef. Imani opens up again about her divorce and reveals Phil said he thought he could grow to love her. While he believes he did, the passion was never there. But Imani felt passion for him. Britten thinks it was a jerk move to tell Imani that.

Britten believes that she may be in that kind place with Mack currently. She tells the other women if she had to choose between her son who sleeps in their bed, she’d choose her son. She loves feeling needed and wanted, but Mack doesn’t make her feel that way.

Shanique and Jazmin tell Britten this is the wrong mentality to have. They also urge Britten to spice up things in the bedroom with Mack. And Britten realizes she needs to make more time for her marriage.

Imani hasn’t been intimate with Phil in years.

Later that night, the women put on their nightwear and exchange gifts. They were assigned gift recipients. Jazmin just gifts Lia a candle she was gifted and never used.

The next day the women talk some more. Imani reveals that she hasn’t been intimate with Phil in about five years.

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  1. Natalie

    July 5, 2020 at 11:58 am

    I can relate to Imani. I was in 7 year relationship and I believe it was approximately 6 years there was no sex. It bothered me at first but eventually it didn’t. We were just 2 people living together. The only time I received any attention was when he wanted something like cigarettes. I stayed with him in hopes for change. Yeah right, I played myself.
    He went to prison and I feel that was God getting me out of a trap I was in. That 2 years he was gone forced me to get it together and not be afraid to be alone.
    I pray for Imani because a one-sided love takes too much from you. You don’t learn to love someone. You either are or you’re not. No grey area.

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