‘Marriage Boot Camp’ Star Shanda Denyce Blasts Willie Taylor + He Throws Some Shade

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Willie explains why he cheats.

Former “Love And Hip Hop Hollywood” couple Shanda Denyce and Willie Taylor are on the latest season of “Marriage Boot Camp.”

Unfortunately, they are still dealing with some of the same issues they dealt with back in their LHHH days. Cheating is still a major issue. Willie is a repeat offender, but he was outraged when Shanda cheated with someone he knew. Despite this, he opened up about why he believes he hasn’t been faithful.

When asked why he cheats, Willie said, “I feel like it’s a lot of things missing at home. At some points in my life, I’d rather be out there then even be in the house.”

Shanda feels underappreciated.

Interestingly enough, Willie claimed that cheating isn’t the only issue. He also doesn’t like the way Shanda talks to him. And if things don’t change, they will have to end their marriage.

As for Shanda, outside of cheating, her issue with Willie is a lack of understanding. She said, “I don’t really think Willy understands how hard it is to be a mother, a wife, and a partner in a marriage. I don’t think he appreciates me enough to understand those things.”


Apparently, Willie and Shanda are still having problems. Hours ago, Shanda took to Instagram to put Willie on blast. In one post she shared a tweet she agrees with and wrote, “Man! Couldn’t be more accurate. Now I can’t believe I’m here taking care of 4 kids while 2 are babies by my f*cking self. I’m like so overwhelmed and stressed frfr. Gonna put my f*cking crown on and continue to be superwoman. Smh.”

She also blasted Willie on one of his Instagram posts. On Willie’s inspirational post, Shanda wrote, “How about u get here and help me with these kids while u have been gone for 2 nights being pampered by ur mother while their mother needs rest. I’m asking u nicely PLEASE. I have a newborn and I need u here.”


Shanda posted the screenshot to Instagram, and then wrote, “Postpartum is real and I can’t believe I’m really going through this but relay this message because he blocked me. Thank you.”


After one of Willie’s followers called him out about Shanda’s posts, he accused Shanda of just wanting attention. He said, “Don’t @ me with all this toxic sh*t. Some people just like attention. Facts.”

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