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‘Black Ink Crew Chicago’ Recap: Jessica Returns + Clashes with Miss Kitty

Black Ink Crew Chicago Season 6 Episode 14

Photo Credit: VH1/YouTube

Charmaine is still disappointed in Kitty.

Charmaine started a video diary to record her final days of pregnancy. She’s still pregnant and her mucus plug didn’t come out like she thought it did. And she’s currently on maternity leave.

When it comes to Kitty, Charmaine doesn’t feel like she’s “been on her game lately.”

Draya wants to make things right with Charmaine.

Prince and Draya hang out. They have been hanging out on the low since Draya left 2nd City Ink to work at 9Mag. She and Phor have decided to create a black tattoo artist networking event. So she wants Prince and Plug to talk to Charmaine so they can have 2nd City Ink attend. She really wants both 9Mag and 2nd City Ink to come together.

She doesn’t want to hold grudges with Charmaine even though they haven’t been on the best terms since she left.

Rachel and Ryan are doing good.

Ryan and his mother created an event to honor Ava at Pear Nova. They call it Ava Day and they do it every year. The event is for mothers who lost their children. So they have hair stylists and nail manicurists there to attend to them. It’s been hard to live life after his sister Nova and niece Ava’s deaths.

Rachel named Pear Nova after Nova. She was like a big sister to Rachel. And they were even pregnant at the same time. So Rachel is happy to have the event at her nail shop.

These days Rachel and Ryan are in a good place. So co-parenting has been going well.

Don and Phor are also in attendance.

Kitty calls out Star.

At 2nd City Ink, Kitty has two new artists and a new receptionist starting a trial period. Star, one of the new artists, is late for an appointment. So, Kitty, has Plug do the tattoo. She also tells the receptionist that she needs to talk to Star ASAP for being late. Meanwhile, Plug says in a green screen interview that he doesn’t know why Kitty’s upset because she was late to the shop herself.

When Star rolls in, Kitty confronts her. Star is upset when Kitty says that she referred her client to Plug. Star says that she needs the money to take care of her child. This leads to an argument but Kitty doesn’t think she should take Star’s client back from Plug because she’s late on her second day.

Kitty tells Star she needs to get her act together.

Bella may have feelings for Phor.

Bella and Phor talk as they are getting things in order for the networking event. They talk about the fact that Phor is ready to settle down and have kids. He wants to be off the market soon. Bella feels he’s too much of a catch to be single. So she tells Phor that he needs to be with someone he was friends with first like her.

In a green screen interview, Phor wonders if Bella is flirting with him.

Charmaine gets even more annoyed with Kitty.

Draya contacted Charmaine about the networking event. Charmaine thinks it could be an olive branch and she’s cool with that. And she’s been contacting Kit but she seems distracted. She doesn’t like that she saw Kitty and the others dancing on TikTok while they were supposed to be working. Charmaine doesn’t mind firing people if need be.

Draya misses her mother.

It’s the anniversary of Draya’s mother’s death. Her mother struggled a lot with drugs. She ended up committing suicide a few years after they got back in contact. So she’s still heartbroken by it. Draya was pregnant and lost her babygirl a week before her mother died.

Not being able to say goodbye to her mother has made it impossible to have closure. This is why she wants to make things right with Charmaine. They both know the pain of losing a mother.

Draya and Charmaine make peace.

Charmaine shows up to the networking event thrown by Phor and Draya. When she finds out from Plug that Kitty isn’t coming, she gets irritated, especially since she snuck out to be there despite being close to giving birth.

Not too long after Charmaine’s arrival, Draya comes up to her to talk. She asks if they can put their issues behind them and start over. Charmaine likes this and she admits that she made some wrong turns at the beginning with the shop.

Star and Bella clash.

After Star starts a conversation with Phor and Don, Bella comes over and confronts her. She even tells Star that she looks like a “two-dollar h*e.”

They start arguing and they are separated before things get physical.

A medium delivers a message to Draya.

Draya meets with a medium. They tell her that her mother was battling mental illness and she felt like killing herself was the only way out. She apologizes for what she did but she wants Draya to know she’s okay.

And Draya’s babygirl is with her.

This makes Draya very emotional but she’s glad to know her mother and daughter are okay.

Jessica returns.

While Kitty and the others are at the shop, Jessica walks in and says Charmaine called her to come back because things have gotten “wild” at 2nd City Ink.

Kitty says that Jessica is coming back as an artist only but Jessica says she’s returning as the manager.

They start arguing. Jessica says she’s back because Kitty wasn’t doing a good job. And Kitty tells her she needs to be quiet and be the help like she’s supposed to be.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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