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RHOP Recap: Gizelle & Ashley Cause More Problems Between Monique & Candiace

rhop season 5 episode 2

Photo Credit: Bravo

Ray and Karen are still having problems.

Karen is at home working out with her trainer. She wraps up after Ray comes downstairs to check on her. They talk and Karen tells Ray she’s working out to look good for him even though he won’t tell her he loves her. Even after saying this to Ray, he still doesn’t say it to her. This bothers Karen and she knows they have to work out their issues fast.

Gizelle stirs the pot.

Monique and Gizelle meet up for a bite to eat. Although the women have always had issues with each other, the idea is that they are trying to move forward.

In a green screen interview, Monique says Gizelle is nicer when she’s getting “steady D.”

They discuss Ashley. Ashley went on social media and said that she’s been a little depressed after giving birth. And she hasn’t been comfortable enough to leave the house. So Monique and Gizelle are going to plan a dinner for Ashley. They want Candiace to be there and hopefully apologize for dragging Ashley on Twitter while she was giving birth.

Gizelle then tells Monique that Candice invited Charrisse to her anniversary party. She is confused about this because she had no idea that Charrisse and Candiace were cool. As for Monique, she didn’t know this. She has a problem with this because Charrisse has been spreading a nasty rumor about her. And Candiace knows this. In a green screen interview, Gizelle says the rumor was Monique had gotten too close to her trainer and she was spotted around town being too cozy with him. Apparently, this rumor caused problems with Chris.

So Monique doesn’t understand why Candiace would invite Charrisse to the party since she was privy to this information.

Wendy is ready.

While Ashley is at home, a lactation specialist comes by to help her. She had some issues with her ducts and they got infected. So the specialist has been getting her through that. Ashley also is told she needs to get out of the house to get a handle on her depression. It’s not good for her to not leave the house.

Candiace and Wendy catch up. As they talk about kids, Candiace says she’s not sure she’s ready to become a mom. The issue is she’s insecure about being a good mom. Her mother did the best she could do for Candice but Candiace is terrified she will make the same mistakes if she becomes a mother.

So Wendy urges Candiace not to have children until she’s ready.

They discuss Karen. Wendy’s issue with Karen is she always acts like it’s the first time they met even though they met for the first time two years ago. And Candiace warns Wendy that Gizelle likes to haze people. But she’s nicer when she has a man in her life. However, Wendy isn’t worried. She’s ready to read anyone who comes for her.

Karen doesn’t trust Gizelle.

While Karen and Candiace are hanging out, Candiace gets a text from Monique inviting her to Ashley’s dinner. Karen thinks it’s fishy that Gizelle and Monique are working together. But Candiace is positive the event will be a good way to start fresh with Ashley.

Monique then calls Ashley to make sure she’s okay with Candiace and Wendy being there. While Ashley is hesitant about Candiace, she’s excited to meet Wendy since she just had a baby, too. Ashley is also open to Candiace apologizing to her.

Gizelle gets good news.

Juan meets Gizelle without Robyn. Gizelle isn’t sure what to think. And she has no idea what he wants to talk about. But she didn’t tell Robyn she’s meeting with him. Despite the nervous energy, Juan reveals he’s planning to propose to Robyn. He thinks it’s time for them to give marriage another shot. This news makes Gizelle happy.

In her opinion, it’s about time that Juan and Robyn make things official again.

When Candiace and Chris are at home, she tells him she just took a pregnancy test. It was negative but she was actually kind of disappointed she’s not pregnant, and this surprises her. But she’s still terrified about becoming a mother. She’s not sure she can actually do a good job at it. Candiace envies the fact that Ashley was able to know for sure that motherhood is what she wanted. In the meantime, Chris says he knew Candiace wasn’t pregnant because they don’t have enough s*x for that.

The issue is Chris prefers to do it in the mornings and Candiace doesn’t.

Gizelle tells Monique what she heard.

Gizelle and Monique get to the restaurant early to set the table for all the other ladies. Before everyone else gets there, Gizelle says that Ashley told her that Candiace made a big effort to become friends with Charrisse after Monique and Charrisse fell out. This bothers Monique and she feels as if Candiace was plotting behind her back. She can’t ignore that but now isn’t a good time to address it.

When Candiace gets there, Monique makes it known that she wasn’t happy to see Charrisse at Candiace’s anniversary party. Candiace then says she had no idea that things were that bad between Monique and Charrisse. This irritates Monique. In a green screen interview, she says everyone knows what happened between her and Charrisse, including Candiace.

But Monique tells Candiace they will talk about this later.

Candiace goes off.

The conversation then turns into Candiace and Chris not going on their honeymoon yet and still using rubbers. Wendy tells Candiace she needs to “consummate” her marriage. Then she awkwardly asks Karen if she still has s*x with Ray, something Candiace hinted at when she referenced everyone in the group who uses the “pull out” method.

Things get awkward when Gizelle says Ashley and Candiace need to talk about the issues they had last season. Candiace says she’s open to talking to Ashley alone at another time. She doesn’t want to do this in front of the others.

Ashley says she doesn’t understand why she needs to make an effort if Candiace makes snide comments behind her back.

Gizelle and Robyn then interject and say Candiace should just apologize.

Candiace gets irritated and then says, “f*ck all of you.”

The episode ends on a cliffhanger.

What are your thoughts on the episode?


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