‘Love And Hip Hop New York’ Star Erica Mena Calls out VH1

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The pandemic has affected everyone.

“Love And Hip Hop New York” and “Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” have both been affected by the pandemic. In fact, production for both shows had to shut down for safety reasons. While networks are slowly trying to get back to filming, reality stars are finding other ways to make money.

Some run businesses.

And many of them have actually started OnlyFans accounts.

In fact, Erica Mena and Safaree Samuels got a lot of buzz on social media when they announced their arrival to the popular platform.

Erica clapped back at the OnlyFans backlash.

Some people even called Erica out about it. They felt it was inappropriate for Erica to use the platform the way she intended to seeing as she’s a mother. Erica strongly disagreed. When one of her Instagram followers told her she should be a better example to her daughter, Erica clapped back.


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She wrote, “A real woman wouldn’t be stressing about what the next woman is doing. Nor should she be considered (sic) about what another woman’s husband is allowing. You feel sorry for you and that’s why you so in your feeling (sic) wasting time writing paragraphs about absolutely nothing. My daughter will indeed see that mommy makes the best of every money opportunity possible and can sleep wonderful (sic) at night. Just like her Mommy!”

Although Erica and Safaree have found popularity on OnlyFans, Erica recently called VH1 out on Twitter.

In a now-deleted tweet,  she wrote, “@VH1 Due to this virus everything is shut down but what I don’t understand is how y’all can say no to your cast making money elsewhere. Shame on you as network all together. We got kids and bills. Y’all suck as a considerate network I swear.”

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