‘Power Book II: Ghost’ Recap: Maclean & Saxe Make Another Move + Cane Goes Too Far

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Saxe and Maclean move forward.

Maclean and Saxe meet up at Saxe’s office. Saxe says they need to be discrete as possible so people don’t figure out that they are working together to take down Tariq. Now that they know Tariq is the one who killed Ghost, they realize they must pick the right jury to free Tasha.

Saxe says that as soon as Tasha is found not guilty, he’s putting cuffs on Tariq. He warns Maclean that Tasha will be upset with him but Maclean doesn’t care. His only concern is adding another win to his resume.

After Tasha calls Tariq to tell him she has to go to trial, Saxe and Maclean pick out their jury. The judge is surprised by how smooth the process goes. However, during their secret meeting, both men agreed that the jury would have a lot of people of color. They wanted to make sure they had enough people who would sympathize with Tasha.

However, both of their partners question their choices and worry that a mistrial could happen.

They want the first witness to be Francis Johnson, also known as 2 Bit.

2 Bit needs convincing.

When Saxe goes to prison to persuade 2 Bit to testify, he refuses to cooperate. And he says he won’t become a snitch. So Maclean then goes to talk to 2 Bit and he has Rodriguez come to help change 2 Bit’s mind. Rodriguez says that she’s been suspended because of Saxe, so she wants to take him down. 2 Bit can help by just getting on the stand and repeating everything she will tell him to say. 2 Bit is still hesitant, but Maclean says 2 Bit will be freed and back selling dope in no time if he agrees to this.

Monet tells Diana and Dru to get ready to head out with her so they can handle some business. Cane will stay behind. After Monet calls both out for hanging out too much at Tariq’s school and being in people’s beds, Cane comes to the conclusion that Diana slept with Tariq. Diana denies this and Dru doesn’t come clean about him sleeping with a basketball player named Everett.

Diana gets irritated when Dru doesn’t back her up after she says she hasn’t slept with Tariq.

Regardless, Cane warns Diana to leave Tariq alone.

Riley doesn’t want to leave Brayden alone. 

Tariq goes to Lauren’s dorm and before they kiss, Lauren’s boyfriend Malcolm stops by. They were supposed to meet but Lauren forgot. Malcolm calls her out for being tagged in an Instagram photo while she was intoxicated. He warns her that this isn’t a good look for her. Once he sees Tariq is there, Tariq plays it off and says he only came to drop off something Lauren left behind and he’s leaving.

Saxe meets with his niece Riley. He warns her to stop going to Stansfield and stay away from Tariq and Brayden. Riley says she can’t do this because she’s dating Brayden. She’s in love and she thinks he’s a good guy who’s not a part of any illegal activities that Tariq may be involved in. So she’s going to prove that Brayden is innocent.

Cane shows up at Stansfield.

As for Brayden, when his frat brother Trace comes by, Brayden accuses him of stealing pills. He laughs and admits to it, and says he just wanted to have a good time with his friends. After Brayden demands that Trace returns the pills, Cane shows up. Trace tells Cane they are too busy to deal with “ghetto sh*t,” so Cane pulls a gun on him.

Fearful for Trace’s life, Brayden tells Cane that he knows who he is and that essentially, he’s one of Cane’s partners since he helps Tariq. And they are going to be short on money. Cane then gets angry that Brayden even knows who he is and about the family business. So he tells Brayden and Trace to take a ride with him without their phones.

On their way out, Brayden knocks down his pieces on the chessboard like Tariq told him to do if Cane ever comes looking for him.

Dru and Diana talk.

While Diana and Dru are counting money and packing up drugs, Dru gets a text from Everett saying he wants them to meet up. Diana thinks it’s not a good idea for Dru to meet Everett since he’s still in the closet. She then asks Dru why he didn’t tell Cane about Everett. And Dru says he doesn’t talk to Cane about his love life. And Diana shouldn’t either. They discuss Tariq and Diana says he doesn’t like her romantically. But this is okay because she doesn’t like him either. Dru isn’t buying this and he says that he can tell that Diana likes Tariq.

When Tariq gets back to his dorm room, he finds Riley there snooping around on his side. She says she is looking for Brayden. After she calls his phone, it rings and they see that he’s left it behind. This forces Tariq to see that the chess pieces have been knocked down. He begins to worry and Riley says she’s not leaving until someone hears from Brayden.

After Dru gets another text message from Everette, he decides to leave even though Diana warns him that this will only anger Monet.

Cane gives Traces and Brayden dangerous tasks.

While Cane has Brayden and Trace in the car, he drops them off at different corners to sell his drugs. Trace struggles. However, Brayden is able to get the young men nearby to open up to him with a blunt. He shows them all the drugs Cane gave him, and they decide to make some phone calls to see who’s interested in buying.

Dru makes it to Everett’s place. Everett says he doesn’t want Zeke to know he’s gay because it may make it hard for him to get into the NBA if people know about his s*xuality. This doesn’t mean he isn’t comfortable with who he is. He just wants to have a career.

After this is said, Everett and Dru start making out.

Brayden impresses.

Tariq and Riley play a game of chess. During the game, Riley asks Tariq if Brayden is in any trouble. Tariq says he doesn’t know anything and Riley says she really cares about Brayden. At this point, Tariq seems to become suspicious of Riley.

Dru and Everett talk some more about how difficult it is to be open about their sexuality because of society. There’s a knock at Everett’s door and he says it’s just his tutor. When he comes back to Dru, he hands him one of Tariq’s fake study guides that include pills attached. Dru looks over the package.  It’s called “Course Correct.”

When Cane pulls back up to the corner to pick up Brayden, he sees that not only has Brayden made friends but he sold all the drugs. Cane is impressed. Of course, things don’t fare as well for Trace. When they pull up to Trace’s corner, he’s confronted by a couple of men. They then beat him up and Cane allows Brayden to save him.

Dru updates Diana.

Diana makes it to Everett’s dorm room but not before Dru texts a picture of Tariq’s package. Even though Diana feels like they should tell Monet how Tariq has been moving the drugs around on campus, Dru begs her not to. He’s worried that if they tell Monet, she may not like it. And they may no longer be allowed to go to Stansfield.

As Tariq and Riley’s chess game continues, Riley apologizes to Tariq for giving him a spiked drink. She says it was for Brayden and Tariq can’t even remember being drunk.

After their conversation, Diana makes a stop at Tariq’s dorm room. She shows him the fake stuff guide also known as “Course Correct,” and she tells him Monet needs to know what he’s been up to. Even though Tariq asks her not to tell, Diana says it’s best to always tell Monet the truth. She also assumes Lauren is in Tariq’s room although he says she’s not. Diana doesn’t believe him and comes to the conclusion that Tariq is just like all the other guys.

Ramirez intervenes.

While Cane is driving Trace and Brayden back to campus, they get pulled over by a cop. It’s Ramirez. Ramirez tells Brayden and Trace to get out of the car. Once they exit, Ramirez tells Cane that the police got a call about two white boys being on the corner. And Cane needs to understand that they all work for his dad Lorenzo. So Cane has to make better decisions before he gets everyone in trouble.

Davis meets with Tasha to ask her about 2 Bit. Tasha says that 2 Bit used to work for Tommy and he’s probably seen her around before. She then asks if Tariq will be safe because 2 Bit most likely knows him, too. After Davis assures Tasha that Tariq won’t be brought up during the testimony, she becomes very suspicious.

Before Brayden and Trace exit the cop car, Ramirez tells them to forget about what happened and to not press charges against Cane. But Trace wants to press charges. Brayden yells at him to let it go before Cane comes for them again.

Monet approves.

Diana tells Monet about how Tariq has been moving the drugs. Monet is impressed that Tariq has been doing so with a tutor app he created. And he’s overcharging the students. So she has no desire to shut him down. After she notices Diana wants her to shut Tariq down, she asks Diana again if she slept with Tariq. Diana says no and Monet tells her that moving forward, Tariq is only business for Diana.

Brayden returns and Riley and Tariq are happy to see them. After Riley gives them two minutes alone, Brayden tells Tariq everything that happened. He says Cane is crazy but it felt great to be on the corner and make his own money.

After Brayden leaves to head to Riley’s place, Tariq calls Monet. She says she didn’t tell Cane to go Tariq’s place. And she knows about “Course Correct,” but she has no issue with it. Tariq asks her to keep Cane from coming back and Monet agrees to this.

Monet and Ramirez clash.

Ramirez goes to see Monet and warns her that Cane is out of control. If one of the rich kids from Stansfield gets hurt, it will cause a lot of problems that he won’t be able to cover up. So he tells Monet that someone needs to put Cane back in line. Monet may not be able to do it because she’s not a man. But he can do it. This upsets Monet and she says that she can handle Cane. And Ramirez needs to remember he’s not Lorenzo.

Ramirez tells Monet to call Lorenzo the next time Cane makes another bad move. He then storms off.

Tariq is brought up.

2 Bit testifies. He doesn’t admit to knowing or working for Tommy. In fact, he says that Rodriguez was a dirty cop who set him up. And while he doesn’t know Tasha, he did meet Tariq. And 2 Bit ran into Tariq because he got lost one day because Tariq was hanging around shady people.

He also says Tasha wasn’t a queen pin. And if she was, he would have heard about it.

Tasha once again looks suspicious.

Cane goes too far.

Monet confronts Cane about his actions and he questions why she’s dealing with Tariq. They argue and Cane says that it’s Lorenzo’s business and his house. And when Lorenzo gets out, he’s shutting everything down, including Tariq. When things get heated, Diana tries to restrain Cane but he launches to attack her. Monet tries to hold him back and he knocks her down. After he tries to offer her a hand to help her get up, she slaps it away. He storms off before Diana and Dru can help Monet up.

Lorenzo steps in.

Cane goes to prison to talk to Lorenzo. He complains about Monet and says Monet is wrong to be okay with selling their drugs to rich white boys in college. Lorenzo disagrees and says that Monet is the boss while he’s locked up. So Cane needs to listen to her.

On the way out of the prison, Cane is jumped by the security guards. Lorenzo then comes out and tells Cane to never put his hands on Monet again.

Tasha calls Tariq and tells him about 2 Bit bringing him up in his testimony. Tariq says he did meet 2 Bit when he worked for Tommy. At this point, Tasha questions if Maclean knows about anything Tariq has done and he says no. While Tasha knows the testimony made her look good, she does hope that Tariq hasn’t become the target. However, Tariq tells her everything is fine.

At the end of the episode, 2 Bit walks out of prison as a free man.

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