RHOP Recap: Chris & Michael Clash + Ashley Gets Upset by Michael’s Behavior

rhop season 5 episode 19
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On the season finale of “Real Housewives of Potomac,” Robyn and Juan plan a holiday party. While it’s nothing special to Robyn at first, Juan is actually planning to propose. He feels it’s the perfect place since all of their friends and family will be there. But before the proposal can even happen, Michael tells Ashley he doesn’t see it actually happening. This is due to the fact that he knows something that he hasn’t shared with Ashley. And he’s not willing to betray Juan and tell anyone.

Karen is still in the hot seat with the group. They are convinced that she was planning on having Candiace and Monique at her wig shift party at the same time. So when she shows up at the party, Candiace and the others call her out.

After Candiace starts yelling at Karen, Michael tells Chris he needs to get her under control. Chris responds by pushing Michael after some words are exchanged. And Michael threatens to press charges.

This only worsens things between Ashley and Candiace.

Later on, Michael also has some drama with the production team. This embarrasses Ashley and she also ends up frustrated with Michael.

As for the charges against Monique, they are dismissed as the judge feels the altercation was “mutual combat.”

Here’s a recap for, “Deck the Halls With Drama.”

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  1. Chris had every right to check Micheal!! How dare Michael tell Chris what to do with his wife?? It was randome and out of pocket!

    On a different note I find it very strange that Ashley started talking about her own husband on camera with Giselle… …

  2. Candiace went the whole season saying Monique had no right to assault her over words, yet her husband assaulted Michael over his words. The hypocrisy just won’t stop with this cast.

    1. Candiace is the same person who assaulted Ashley with a knife and tried to fight her over words. This is what made the season so annoying for me. Everyone is being a hypocrite. I’d respect it if they just all said they don’t like Monique and they just want her off the show. But stop insulting our intelligence

      1. I agree. They have all been annoying me so much because it’s way too much hypocrisy. Candiace ain’t no saint. She wanted a fight and she’s embarrassed she lost. I also don’t buy that she’s never been in a fight before. Not with that mouth, and not growing up in Atlanta. No ma’am.

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