After Being Slammed by Monique Samuels at RHOP Reunion, Jamal Bryant Seemingly Responds

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Monique Samuels has everyone talking.

People have a lot to say about the first part of the “Real Housewives of Potomac” reunion. This is to be expected since so much went down. Weeks ago, it was reported that Gizelle Bryant was in the hot seat. It was also confirmed that Monique Samuels came with a binder that shook Andy Cohen to his core. And while Andy wouldn’t divulge just what was in the binder, he did say that Monique’s receipts were something he hasn’t seen in his 15 years of hosting reunions. He is even putting the binder in the Housewives museum. Ashley Darby also confirmed that what was revealed was so unexpected that it left Gizelle frazzled.

Now that part one of the reunion has aired, it’s clear that Andy and Ashley didn’t exaggerate.

Many anticipated that the biggest moments at the reunion would most likely occur between Candiace and Monique. However, Monique had a lot to say to Gizelle. Gizelle tried to pay Monique dust but the accusations made about Jamal Bryant made that too difficult.

After Karen Huger asked Gizelle if it’s true that Jamal just had another baby with someone else, Gizelle denied this.

More accusations about Jamal Bryant have surfaced.

This is when Monique came in. And she said that she heard that Jamal allegedly has a girlfriend he’s been dealing with while he was supposed to be back with Gizelle. She said this woman is also a pastor. At first, Gizelle shrugged this off. She even said that she knew Monique would come to the reunion ready to spread some lies. However, Monique then pulled out her binder. And she read off what she said was a text message exchange between Jamal and his alleged girlfriend. She showed off a copy she had printed out. After Andy asked how anyone could know the texts were real, Monique read out what she believed was Jamal’s phone number. Gizelle then confirmed that was his number.

Monique also claimed to have photos of Jamal in the woman’s bed. And she read out an exchange in which Jamal allegedly said that his rekindling with Gizelle was just for television. So Monique called Gizelle a fraud. And she also alleged that Jamal has been allegedly entertaining multiple women while he’s been preaching in Metro Atlanta.

At this point, Candiace and Robyn Dixon tried to shame Monique for creating a binder of receipts. Candiace said it was very low and pathetic to do. Regardless, Monique showed no mercy. And she said she had every right to have proof of what she knows. She also said that Gizelle and others came for her family first with rumors.

Jamal Bryant responds?

The moment left Andy speechless, and it’s been a hot topic on social media for hours now. Interestingly enough, some are suspecting that Jamal may have responded on Instagram. And according to the post, he wants nothing to do with the drama.

He posted a video of a man drinking a beverage, and above the video, it reads, “Me Minding My OWN business ? .”

In the caption of the Instagram post, Jamal wrote, “Give no energy to anything that doesn’t add to your joy, align with your purpose or pay any of your bills! Be at peace!”

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