RHOP Husband Chris Samuels Threatens to Sue Jamal Bryant

Photo Credit: Bravo/YouTube

Jamal Bryant was a hot topic at the reunion.

Real Housewives of Potomac” fans and those who had never watched the show before had a lot to say about the reunion. During part 1, a lot of things were said about Gizelle Bryant and Jamal Bryant. In fact, clips of Monique Samuels reading from her binder went viral on social media.

She accused Jamal and Gizelle of faking their relationship for a storyline. She also had copies of text messages and one of the alleged texts that she read, she alleged that Jamal told a woman his relationship with Gizelle was just for television.

Monique went on to say that she allegedly had pictures of Jamal in this woman’s bed. And they had allegedly been in a relationship while Jamal was supposed to be back together with Gizelle. When Gizelle tried to deny that the text messages were authentic, Jamal’s phone number was confirmed.

Monique would also go on to accuse Jamal of sleeping with his congregation and she called him “Pastor Holy Wh*re.”

After the reunion, Jamal Bryant clapped back on social media.

Jamal did not appreciate the accusations made by Monique. So he decided to clap back in a Facebook Live video. He accused Monique of trying to use him for clout. Then he made some accusations about Chris Samuels.

He alleged that Chris has CTE and his former teammates were the ones who told Jamal this. Jamal also accused Chris of having an anger management problem and attempting to attack Gizelle and Robyn Dixon at the reunion.

Then he accused Chris of “verbally attacking” a black woman at Safeway. He alleged that he has video evidence of this.

Monique would later deny that Chris has CTE and she shot down accusations suggesting he tried to attack Gizelle and Robyn.

And now things may be headed to court.

Threats to sue are going around.

According to TMZ, Jamal has hit Monique with a cease and desist letter. He is accusing Monique of defaming him and putting his life in danger by saying his phone number at the reunion.

He is threatening to sue Monique if she doesn’t quickly confirm that she will stop making false statements.

Monique and her lawyer have fired back though. In a letter sent to Jamal, Monique doubled down on the comments she made at the reunion. And she said that she has “irrefutable proof” of Jamal’s alleged s*xual conduct with the woman he was texting. She alleges that Jamal has been dealing with the woman for eight years and there are others she has proof of as well.

She also refutes that saying Jamal’s number placed him in any harm since Bravo edited out the number before airing the episode.

To make matters even messier, Chris has sent Jamal a cease and desist letter of his own. He’s accusing Jamal of defaming him on social media by saying Chris has CTE and that he verbally attacked women. If Jamal doesn’t issue a public apology in three days, Chris plans to sue.

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