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‘Love & Marriage: Huntsville’ Recap: Martell’s Mom Calls Him Out Amid Divorce

LAMH Season 2 Episode 11

Photo Credit: OWN

Maurice organizes Huntsville business owners.

The episode begins with the cast expressing their feelings about the Covid-19 pandemic and recent protests surrounding Breonna Taylor and George Floyd.

Maurice seemingly focused his frustration from all of this to form an economic group called the Black Business Town Hall. Most of the LAMH cast attends the meeting along with other business owners in Huntsville and they talk about how the pandemic and recent protests affected them. Maurice hopes this could be something that’s expandable as he’s happy with how the event turned out.

After the meeting, the cast thanks Maurice for setting up the group. Kimmi jokes that this is the Comeback Group 2.0.

Melody confirms the divorce.

Meanwhile, Melody’s away from Martell in Atlanta with her brother Marcus. Marcus and Melody are in the backyard talking about everything going on in her life. Melody says she’s filing for divorce from Martell and explains why she’s doing so. According to Melody, Martell has been away from the house for hours at a time, despite the pandemic. She’s not okay with this.

Melody tells Marcus she had enough and can no longer fight with Martell to keep their family together. He’s not giving up the house though. This is going to be one of many contentious points in their divorce. Marcus is ready to help Melody fight though. In fact, he’s ready to ride with Melody to help her pack all of Martell’s belongings and kick him out of the house.

Martell’s mom sides with Melody.

Back in Huntsville, Martell says it’s been tough having the kids with him 24/7. Luckily, Martell’s mom Marlene stops by and she listens to Martell vent about his relationship. He tells Marlene he and Melody are divorcing and she tells Martell he started it all. However, Martell says Melody caused him to cheat.

Marlene crushes his ego somewhat by saying he’s just like his daddy and that he needs to handle his business in his marriage.

Meanwhile, LaTisha’s back to being home with the kids while Marsau is working, thanks to the pandemic. LaTisha’s coaching up her kids while she’s taking online classes on her own. Marsau comes downstairs and LaTisha tells Marsau it’s a lot juggling the kids’ online classes, her classes, and her own career. Marsau then jokes around about wanting a millennial assistant as things are busy for him as well. In response, LaTisha jokes that she wants to hire a “Manny” of her own. Things turn serious when they talk about the Holts impending divorce. They feel it’s sad to witness Martell and Melody’s relationship ending.

Marsau says it would’ve been possible for Melody to forgive Martell if it wasn’t for everything becoming public.

Martell reveals Melody may have a new boyfriend.

Later on, Destiny moved into her new home with La’Berrick. Her designer is in the home when Martell stops by for a talk. Destiny feels it weird for Martell to show up by himself. She doesn’t want to be in the middle of him and Melody’s failing relationship. In fact, she’s disappointed to hear from Martell that he and Melody are divorcing. He says he can no longer take the verbal abuse and he doesn’t see them getting back together.

He warns Destiny their divorce will get ugly rather quickly and to never choose Melody over him. They have over 20 years of friendship but her and Melody’s friendship has grown.

Things get messy when Martell tells Destiny that Melody’s dating someone else and has text messages to prove it. Destiny says she understands where Melody is coming from but Martell says Melody’s still disrespectful, despite getting better in the bedroom. Martell says he cheated because Melody wasn’t doing what he needed in the bedroom. But Destiny thinks this is an absurd thing to say. After he gets frustrated, he tells Destiny she’ll get cheated on too if she isn’t careful.

She understands his feelings but Martell is crossing the line.

Martell apologizes to LaTisha and Marsau.

LaTisha and Marsau are in their bar and it’s coming along well. But when they’re inside, they get even better news. They learn Joe Biden picked Kamala Harris as his running mate. LaTisha’s amazed and happy by the news. However, Marsau’s was going to vote for Biden no matter what. He never even thought about the moment from LaTisha’s perspective and didn’t realize their daughters could become president some day.

Things of course take a left turn when Martell stops by their establishment. The Scotts get defensive as the last time a Holt walked in, things were very confrontational. However, Martell’s looking to salvage his friendship with the Scotts. He tells them he finally understood why things went left between them. Martell says Melody fed him lies about the Scotts. LaTisha lets Martell know the “20 girls” comments affected their marriage. Marsau also says Martell hurt me as a friend. Martell even squeamishly apologizes to LaTisha and Marsau. This gives hope to Marsau that their friendship could be fixed.

When Martell leaves, LaTisha tells Marsau it’s all on him if he wants to move forward. She’s seemingly washing her hands from it all.

Melody returns to Huntsville and clashes with Martell.

Melody’s back in Huntsville. Before she deals with Martell and the stress of the divorce, she stops by Destiny’s new home for a surprise workout. After their workout, Destiny and Melody talk about the divorce. Melody told Martell that since he messed up, and he needs to go. Destiny vents about La’Berrick not really helping with their newborn and that he’s checked out. Melody sees red flags and warns Destiny about that.

Speaking of which, Melody’s ready for a fight when she sees Martell. She was with Martell when he didn’t have any money and still felt he was perfect.

Eventually, Melody makes it to the home she shares with Martell with a suitcase in hand. The two exchange quick pleasantries but that’s all the pleasant conversation between them. Melody’s ready for Martell to leave. However, the kids are excited to see their mom. It’s been two weeks since she saw the kids. After she sees the kids, the parents talk. 

Things quickly turn to an argument because Martell doesn’t want to leave as fast as Melody wants him to. However, things get tense when Martell tells Melody he’s going to petition for full custody. He doesn’t want to do home-school for the children. This sets Melody off, who goes off on Martell. Martell says he doesn’t want the kids going from Alabama to Georgia back and forth. As she yells, Martell says he doesn’t want their kids around Melody’s anger.

Melody goes off and says he doesn’t their kids around him and his mistress. Martell responds, saying he doesn’t want his kids in Birmingham around her new boyfriend.

What are your thoughts about the episode?

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  1. Deborah Dyson

    January 31, 2021 at 8:54 am

    He wants, he wants. Who cares what he wants & I’m sick of him acting like he was within his right. He is a sad man, now he wants to go around town apologizing for the disruption in other people’s relationship he caused when acting like a girl. He’s just rallying support for himself & against Mel, pitiful. Like his Mama told him, he started the whole thing, he however refuses to take blame as all he’s thinking about is what he didn’t get. Loser……..

  2. La Shay

    February 3, 2021 at 9:29 pm

    Martell, was shocked when his mama said “we can do everything for y’all men and you still cheat, you’re just like your father.” I was like go mama Holt! That man (boy) would make anyone want to slap the hell out of him. Never accepts fault/blame. He couldn’t even say the word “sorry” to Marsau, while trying to get their alliance. Oooh-wee! I think he’s very angry, upset, hurt, lost and scared to death for losing Melody. Of course, we only get a preview of what they’re going through on TV. Imagine how he acts off camera. He’s going to miss life with Mel. Trust & believe! That young girl he mess with better get ready for her karma. Aint no more THRILL or FUN when you got a baby involved. That man gonna be an emotional wreck losing his beautiful wife & kids. Just watch. Its very sad. SMH!

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