‘Married to Medicine’ Recap: Toya & Quad Have Another Heated Moment + Heavenly Slams Lisa

married to medicine season 8 episode 12
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Toya and Anila’s friendship continues to falter.

Quad meets Anila at a restaurant. And Contessa, Simone, and Toya meet at another restaurant. The feud between Toya and Anila is discussed. While Toya says she doesn’t know what she said to cause an issue, Contessa says Toya can be delusional about her role in the drama. As for Anila, she says that Toya intimidates her.

Quad says Toya is fake. Meanwhile, Contessa and Simone try to persuade Toya to hash things out with Quad and Anila. But Toya doesn’t really want to. In a green screen interview, Simone thinks Toya’s pride and ego are getting in the way of her moving forward.

An invite is in jeopardy.

Anila and her family are getting ready to celebrate Holi. The festival is about using different colors to symbolize forgiving people and moving past whatever issues you may have. So Anila and Kiran plan to invite the cast to the event. However, Anila isn’t sure she wants Toya to be there.

Jackie has been in contact with a company that will help her develop a sunscreen line. She’s excited about what’s ahead. And she wants the product to be targeted towards black women.

Contessa has had enough.

Simone and Cecil have a couple’s dinner at their place. And a chef even comes to prepare the meal. Contessa and Scott, Toya, and Eugene are all invited. Toya brings up some issues in her marriage. She thinks they have been at odds more than usual, and they bicker in front of the children. Toya wants this to change.

Contessa doesn’t like the way Scott speaks to her at times. He once told her that she “doesn’t do sh*t.” It’s no longer a healthy relationship.

At this point, the other couples urge Contessa and Scott to understand that they are a team and it’s important they all learn how to work together.

In a green screen interview, Simone says it seems like Scott and Contessa’s marriage is unraveling.

Scott says that he won’t be so quick to turn things into an argument. Contessa says she won’t bring up going to couples therapy again. They kiss and make up.

There’s drama at Anila’s event.

The ladies ride horses at Anila and Kiran’s Holi event which they also combined with their child’s birthday party. Lisa Nicole shades Heavenly’s weight while she rides the horse. This later leads to both women exchanging verbal jabs. Lisa calls Heavenly’s marriage fake. And Heavenly says that Lisa can’t keep a man.

Anila reminds Lisa and Heavenly that there are children around. So the women decide to put their feud on pause. Quad then arrives. And when Toya gets there, it’s still awkward between Toya and Anila.

Later on, Anila asks the ladies to name one thing they want to leave behind. When Toya says “fake a*s b*tches,” Quad goes off and tells her she needs to leave herself behind because she’s one herself.

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