‘Married to Medicine’ Recap: Scott & Contessa Have Everyone Confused + Anila Gets Even

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On the latest episode of “Married to Medicine,” the group concludes their time in Jekyll Island. After the ladies learn of Contessa’s issues with Scott, they decide it would be best to invite the husbands to join them on the trip. And the plan is to have the men talk to Scott and help him move forward in fixing his issues with Contessa. However, Scott isn’t so receptive to this. He immediately feels like he’s been put on the spot. And he doesn’t enjoy being in the hot seat. So the conversation doesn’t go too far.

Later on, Kari overhears an argument between Scott and Contessa. And she says that Contessa accused Scott of having women send him naked pictures. Although Scott denies this, Contessa believes that he’s not telling her the truth. Plus, she’s convinced he’s playing mind games with her. It also doesn’t help that Scott says he lied about talking to a female therapist. And the therapist he’s been talking to is actually a man.

After the couple’s issues aren’t resolved on the trip, the rest of the cast is shocked to see them enjoying a family vacation together on Instagram.

Also, Anila gets even with Lisa in a way she couldn’t see coming.

Here’s a recap for, “Jekyll Island Pt. 2.”

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